Ne-Yo Studio Albums in Order

The List of Ne-Yo Albums in Order of Release Date

Ne-Yo Albums in Order: Having sold over 20 million albums worldwide, including 4 million in the United States and 1 million in the United Kingdom. Ne-Yo has released nine studio albums, forty-one singles and several other appearances with other artists.

Only a singer and writer of Ne-Yo’s suaveness and sensitivity could call an album Year of the Gentleman and mean it. Released in 2008, the third full-length studio effort by the R&B performer, songwriter, and producer—who was born Shaffer Chimere Smith in Camden, Arkansas, in 1979—demonstrated his mastery when it comes to crafting love songs that are sweet and sincere but never sentimental. The album’s biggest hit, “Miss Independent,” is equally remarkable as a male-sung celebration of women’s power, performed in the impeccably smooth manner that became one of Ne-Yo’s signatures after he made the transition from a writer of other people’s hits (including “Irreplaceable” for Beyoncé) to a star in his own right with his 2006 debut In My Own Words.

His first hit, “So Sick,” pointed to his knack for instantly engaging yet subtly sophisticated melodies, a gift that served him well on solo smashes like “Miss Independent” and 2012’s “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself),” as well as on his club-friendly collaborations with Pitbull and Afrojack (2011’s “Give Me Everything”) and Akon and David Guetta (2011’s “Play Hard”). Whatever the tempo or the style of the song at hand, Ne-Yo is sure to maintain the poise and finesse that are hallmarks of the best kind of gentleman. So, if you are a die heart fan of Ne-Yo Albums then check out here we have list of Ne-Yo albums in order of release so far.


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All Ne-Yo Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. In My Own Words (2006)

“In My Own Words” marks the remarkable debut studio album of American artist Ne-Yo, released by Def Jam Recordings on February 28, 2006. This album catapulted Ne-Yo into R&B stardom with its blend of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

The album’s standout tracks include the chart-topping “So Sick,” where Ne-Yo’s smooth vocals express the pangs of heartache with sincerity. “Sexy Love” and “Mirror” showcase his vocal prowess, while “Let Go” and “Time” capture the essence of love’s complexities.

Ne-Yo’s lyrical storytelling shines through in songs like “When You’re Mad” and “Let Me Get This Right,” demonstrating his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. Additionally, the remix of “Get Down Like That” featuring Ghostface Killah adds a dynamic twist to the album.

With its UK and Japan bonus tracks, “In My Own Words” offers a comprehensive introduction to Ne-Yo’s captivating artistry, making it a pivotal starting point in his successful career.


2. Because of You (2007)

“Because of You” is the compelling second studio album from American singer and songwriter Ne-Yo, released on April 25, 2007, through Compound Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings. This album solidified Ne-Yo’s reputation as an R&B powerhouse.

The title track, “Because of You,” sets the tone with its heartfelt lyrics and smooth melodies. Ne-Yo’s collaboration with Jay-Z on “Crazy” adds a touch of hip-hop flair to the album, while tracks like “Do You” and “Addicted” showcase his ability to craft catchy, soulful tunes.

One of the album’s standout moments is “Leaving Tonight,” featuring Jennifer Hudson, a heartfelt duet that highlights Ne-Yo’s vocal chemistry with Hudson. “Go On Girl” and “Say It” demonstrate Ne-Yo’s songwriting prowess, addressing themes of love and relationships.

With bonus tracks like “That’s What It Does” and “Spotlight,” “Because of You” presents a comprehensive and captivating body of work that further established Ne-Yo as a prominent figure in contemporary R&B.


3. Year of the Gentleman (2008)

“Year of the Gentleman,” Ne-Yo’s third studio album released on September 16, 2008, showcases his evolution as a singer and songwriter. The album is a tribute to class and sophistication in a world of contemporary R&B.

The infectious hit “Closer” kicks off the album, setting a danceable tone with its catchy melodies. Ne-Yo’s signature songwriting shines on tracks like “Miss Independent,” a modern anthem of female empowerment, and the emotionally charged “Mad.”

Ne-Yo’s exploration of relationships and introspection continues with songs like “Part of the List” and “Why Does She Stay.” The album’s bonus track, “She Got Her Own,” featuring Jamie Foxx and Fabolous, adds a touch of hip-hop flavor. “

Year of the Gentleman” solidifies Ne-Yo’s reputation for crafting timeless R&B music. With its blend of heartfelt lyrics and polished production, this album cements his status as a gentleman of the music industry, offering a glimpse into the depth of his artistry.


4. Libra Scale (2010)

“Libra Scale,” Ne-Yo’s fourth studio album, released in 2010, showcases his artistic exploration of a unique concept. The album, with its fusion of R&B and pop, delves into the themes of love, superhuman abilities, and the consequences of fame.

“Champagne Life” opens the album with an upbeat celebration of success, setting the stage for a mix of infectious tracks like “Makin’ a Movie” and the romantic “One in a Million.” The collaboration with Fabolous on “Crazy Love” adds a touch of hip-hop flair.

The standout track “Beautiful Monster” is a hypnotic and danceable ode to irresistible attraction. Ne-Yo’s songwriting shines throughout, exploring personal growth and relationships in songs like “Know Your Name” and “What Have I Done?”

“Libra Scale” not only showcases Ne-Yo’s signature smooth vocals but also his willingness to experiment with themes and soundscapes, making it a notable addition to his discography. The album’s concept-driven approach sets it apart and offers listeners a fresh perspective on the complexities of love and fame.


5. R.E.D. (2012)

Ne-Yo’s fifth studio album, “R.E.D.” (Realizing Every Dream), released on October 31, 2012, showcases his versatility as an artist, blending R&B, pop, and contemporary sounds seamlessly.

The album starts with “Cracks in Mr. Perfect,” setting a tone of introspection and self-awareness. “Lazy Love” and the infectious “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)” demonstrate Ne-Yo’s knack for crafting catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

Collaborations like “Don’t Make Em Like You” with Wiz Khalifa and the country-infused “She Is” featuring Tim McGraw add diversity to the album. “Forever Now” and “Unconditional” delve into themes of love and commitment with Ne-Yo’s signature smooth vocals.

“R.E.D.” showcases Ne-Yo’s evolution as an artist, embracing a wider range of musical styles while staying true to his soulful roots. With bonus tracks like “Should Be You” and “Let’s Go,” the album offers a rich listening experience that captures Ne-Yo’s growth and continued creativity in the music industry.


6. Non-Fiction (2015)

“Non-Fiction,” Ne-Yo’s sixth studio album, released on January 27, 2015, is a multifaceted journey through the realms of love, life, and self-reflection. The album exhibits his signature smooth vocals and impeccable songwriting, showcasing his growth as an artist.

Tracks like “Run” featuring Schoolboy Q and “One More” featuring T.I. bring a fresh energy to the album, while “Time of Our Lives” with Pitbull is an upbeat anthem of living life to the fullest. The introspective “Religious” and the sultry “She Knows” featuring Juicy J reveal Ne-Yo’s lyrical depth.

The album’s diverse production, from the pop-infused “Who’s Taking You Home” to the soulful “Money Can’t Buy” featuring Jeezy, keeps the listener engaged throughout. “Non-Fiction” stands as a testament to Ne-Yo’s continued ability to craft compelling music that resonates with a wide range of emotions and experiences, making it a noteworthy addition to his discography.


7. Good Man (2018)

Ne-Yo’s seventh studio album, “Good Man,” released on June 8, 2018, is a testament to personal growth and self-reflection. The album’s title track, “Good Man,” sets the tone for a mature and introspective journey through love, relationships, and personal evolution.

Ne-Yo’s vocal prowess shines on tracks like “LA Nights” and “Nights Like These” featuring Romeo Santos, where he explores themes of romance and longing. Collaborations like “Push Back” with Bebe Rexha and Stefflon Don infuse a vibrant energy into the album.

“Good Man” offers a balance between modern R&B and pop, with songs like “Summertime” and “Hotbox” showcasing Ne-Yo’s versatility as an artist. The album’s deluxe edition includes additional tracks like “Pour Me Up” and “Won’t Be Often,” extending the musical journey.

With “Good Man,” Ne-Yo delivers an album that reflects his growth as an individual and an artist, making it a compelling addition to his discography.


8. Another Kind of Christmas (2019)

“Another Kind of Christmas” is a holiday studio album by Ne-Yo, released in 2019. The album brings a fresh and soulful take on classic Christmas tunes, showcasing Ne-Yo’s signature R&B style and heartfelt vocals. Alongside traditional holiday songs like “This Christmas,” “The Christmas Song,” and “Merry Christmas Baby,” Ne-Yo adds his original tracks, including “Open Mine Tonight” and “Just Ain’t Christmas,” which capture the spirit of the season with a modern twist.

The album also features collaborations with artists like Candice Boyd, RaVaughn, Satori, and Dre Island, adding diversity and charm to the festive collection. “Another Kind of Christmas” is a warm and joyful addition to Ne-Yo’s discography, perfect for setting the mood during the holiday season with its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.


9. Self Explanatory (2022)

“Self Explanatory,” Ne-Yo’s ninth studio album, released on July 15, 2022, continues to showcase his prowess as a versatile artist. The album explores various facets of love, relationships, and self-discovery.

From the sultry “After Party” to the heartfelt “U 2 Luv” featuring Jeremih, Ne-Yo’s signature smooth vocals and heartfelt lyricism are on full display. Collaborations like “Push Up” with Trippie Redd and “Stay Down” featuring Yung Bleu add contemporary flair to the album.

Ne-Yo delves into themes of love, longing, and personal growth, making “Self Explanatory” a relatable and emotionally charged collection of songs. The album’s diverse production and collaborations offer something for fans of R&B and contemporary pop alike.

With “Self Explanatory,” Ne-Yo demonstrates his enduring ability to craft compelling music that resonates with audiences, cementing his position as a prominent figure in the world of R&B.


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How many albums does Ne-Yo have?

American singer Ne-Yo has released NINE studio albums, FOURTY-ONE singles, THREE compilation, THIRTY-ONE music videos albums and several other appearances with other artists.


List of Ne-Yod Albums in Order of Release Date

The List of List of Ne-Yo Albums in Order of Release Here!

Studio albums:

1. In My Own Words — February 28, 2006

2. Because of You — May 1, 2007

3. Year of the Gentleman — June 24, 2008 

4. Libra Scale — November 22, 2010(US), October 29, 2010(UK) and October 27, 2010(Japan)

5. R.E.D. — November 6, 2012

6. Non-Fiction — January 27, 2015

7. Good Man — June 8, 2018

8. Another Kind of Christmas — October 11, 2019

9. Self Explanatory — July 15, 2022


Compilation albums:

  1. Ne-Yo: The Collection — September 2, 2009

2. Ne-Yo – Triple Pack: In My Own Words / Because of You / Year of the Gentleman — June 22, 2011



Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Chimere Smith, has crafted a diverse discography spanning from his debut in 2006 with “In My Own Words” to his latest release, “Self Explanatory” in 2022. Throughout his career, he’s showcased his talents as an R&B singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. His studio albums display a captivating evolution of his artistry, with notable entries like “Year of the Gentleman” and “Good Man” reflecting his mastery of soulful music and lyrical storytelling. Ne-Yo’s journey through these albums demonstrates his enduring impact on the R&B genre.

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