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How to Watch Rush Hour Movies in Order of Release Date

Rush Hour Movies in Order: One chops the chops. The other talks the talk! In the Rush Hour film series, legendary martial arts bad boy Jackie Chan teams up with comedic powerhouse Chris Tucker to see what happens when the fastest hands in the East meet the biggest mouth in the West.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s smash-hit action comedies feature the stars’ lively chemistry and charisma, and they are in the same vein as the Lethal Weapon, Bad Boys, and Men in Black series of buddy-cop movies.

 Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker), two police detectives, are at the center of all three Rush Hour films as they embark on a series of misadventures involving crooked gangsters in both Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It’s a martial arts comedy with elements of the buddy cop genre. So, Rush Hour Movies in Order of Event is a great new addition to the cop-buddy film genre, and I highly recommend it.


Order to Watch Rush Hour Film Series Movies [As per Events]

1. Rush Hour (1998)

When the legendary Jackie Chan, a daredevil in the world of martial arts, teams up with the comedic powerhouse Chris Tucker in the film Rush Hour, they bring together the fastest hands in the East and the biggest mouth in the West.

When Hong Kong police detective inspector Lee’s (Chan) favorite student is taken hostage in the United States, the devoted officer and martial arts virtuoso travels to the United States in an effort to rescue her.

The FBI is unhappy to have an outsider meddling in their investigation, so they give the job of babysitting Lee to a reckless, arrogant, and infuriating LAPD detective named James Carter (Tucker). This is done in an effort to keep Lee away from the investigation. But these two very different police officers are going to spare no effort in their search for the missing girl.


2. Rush Hour 2 (2001)

Rush Hour 2 Movie Images

In the second installment of Rush Hour film series, Det. James Carter is enjoying his time off, and he and Det. Lee have found themselves in Hong Kong, where they both wish they were somewhere more exciting. Lee is on the hunt for a Triad gang lord who may be responsible for the murder of two men who were working at the American Embassy, while Carter is more interested in having a good time and making new friends.

The pair makes a discovery that throws a wrench into their investigation. It turns out that L.A. crime boss Steven Reign and Triad Ricky Tan, an ex-cop who played a mysterious role in the death of Det. Lee’s father, are behind the counterfeiting scheme. When you add in the fact that Tan and the stunning but lethal Hu Li are engaged in a power struggle, you can bet that the boys will soon find themselves in life-threatening situations and in the middle of fistfights.


3. Rush Hour 3 (2007)

This installment of the massively successful franchise features the return of both Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in their previous roles as the LAPD detective James Carter and the Chinese Chief Inspector Lee, respectively. Director Brett Ratner is also attached to the project. In the event that a Chinese criminal mastermind takes refuge in Paris, there is only one culture-clashing crime-fighting duo that is qualified for the job.

Instead of getting caught in an explosive battle between French police, the Triad gang, and two gorgeous femme fatales, Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective Carter (Tucker) are ready to raise hell in the city of lights! This one-two punch of hilarious action doesn’t let up until the final heart-stopping au revoir! Everyone is kung-fu fighting their way to the top of the Eiffel Tower!


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How many Rush Hour Movies are there?

There are THREE (3) films in the Rush Hour franchise. #1) Rush Hour (1998), #2) Rush Hour 2 (2001), and #3) Rush Hour (2007) All three movies center on the exploits of two police detectives, Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter, as they investigate various cases involving shady figures in the Hong Kong and Los Angeles underworlds.


All Rush Hour Movies in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Rush Hour films in order of release Date:

1. Rush Hour — September 18, 1998

2. Rush Hour 2 — August 3, 2001

3. Rush Hour 3 — August 10, 2007


Where to Watch Rush Hour Movies?

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s action comedies are crowd-pleasers thanks to the duo’s electric chemistry and charisma, and they also feature elements of martial arts and comedy that fans will appreciate. I’ve heard the Rush Hour films are great, but I can’t find a place to watch them in chronological order. Due to Amazon Prime’s near-monopoly on streaming services, you can watch the entire Rush Hour series in chronological order by renting or buying it on the service.

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Box Office Performance Rush Hour (franchise) Movies

The Rush Hour franchise consists of three main movies, all starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Here’s a summary of their box office performance:

1. Rush Hour (1998):

  • Budget: Approximately $33 million
  • Worldwide Box Office Gross: Approximately $244 million


2. Rush Hour 2 (2001):

  • Budget: Approximately $90 million
  • Worldwide Box Office Gross: Approximately $347 million


3. Rush Hour 3 (2007):

  • Budget: Approximately $180 million
  • Worldwide Box Office Gross: Approximately $258 million


The Rush Hour franchise was highly successful at the box office, with each installment earning a substantial amount of money worldwide. The chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, along with the action-comedy formula, contributed to the franchise’s popularity. It’s worth noting that there has been talk of a potential fourth installment, but as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, no official announcement had been made. Please check the latest news for any updates on the franchise.



In conclusion, the Rush Hour Movies in Order, consisting of “Rush Hour” (1998), “Rush Hour 2” (2001), and “Rush Hour 3” (2007), have left an indelible mark on the action-comedy genre. Starring the dynamic duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, these films combined martial arts, humor, and thrilling action sequences to captivate audiences worldwide. With a total box office gross exceeding $849 million against their combined budgets, the franchise’s immense success underscores the enduring appeal of its characters and their adventures. Whether it’s the original’s introduction to Detective Lee and Detective Carter or the globetrotting escapades that followed, the Rush Hour franchise remains a beloved and entertaining cinematic journey.

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