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All Joel Kinnaman Movies and TV Shows List

Joel Kinnaman has captivated audiences with his versatile performances across a spectrum of movies and TV shows. With a magnetic on-screen presence and the ability to seamlessly embody a wide range of characters, Kinnaman has established himself as a formidable talent in the entertainment industry. From gripping crime dramas to heart-pounding action films, his portfolio showcases his dedication to his craft and his knack for immersing himself in roles that leave a lasting impact. Join us as we delve into the world of Joel Kinnaman’s movies and TV shows, exploring the depth and diversity he brings to each project.

All Joel Kinnaman Movies and TV Shows

Joel Kinnaman’s journey in the world of entertainment has been a captivating one, marked by diverse roles that showcase his exceptional acting prowess. Beginning as a child actor in the Swedish soap opera “Storstad” in 1990, Kinnaman’s early exposure to the industry set the stage for his eventual comeback in 2002. His talents flourished as he graduated from the Malmö Theatre Academy in 2007, making waves in Swedish cinema with a string of compelling performances. The crime thriller “Easy Money” catapulted him to international recognition, while his role as Detective Stephen Holder in the acclaimed AMC series “The Killing” solidified his presence on the small screen.

Kinnaman further expanded his horizons by embracing challenging roles like the iconic law enforcement cyborg in the 2014 remake of “RoboCop.” His involvement in streaming hits such as “Altered Carbon” and “For All Mankind” demonstrated his adaptability to evolving television landscapes. Kinnaman’s versatility is underscored by his appearances in gripping films like “The Informer,” “The Secrets We Keep,” and “Brothers by Blood.” With an ongoing commitment to his craft, Kinnaman’s contributions to the world of movies and TV shows continue to captivate audiences and exemplify his dynamic range as an actor.

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All Joel Kinnaman Movies in Order of Release

List of Joel Kinnaman’s Movies:

Year Title Role
2002 Den osynlige Kalle
2003 Hannah med H Andreas
Tjenare kungen Dickan
Storm Bartender
2007 Arn – The Knight Templar Sverker Karlsson
2008 Arn – The Kingdom at Road’s End Sverker Karlsson
In Your Veins Erik
Johan Falk – Gruppen för särskilda insatser Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – Vapenbröder Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – National Target Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – Leo Gaut Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – Operation Näktergal Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – De fredlösa Frank Wagner
Simon & Malou Stefan
2010 Easy Money
Johan “JW” Westlund
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Christer Malm
The Darkest Hour Skyler
Safe House Keller
Lola Versus Luke
Easy Money II: Hard to Kill
“JW” Johan Westlund
Johan Falk – Spelets regler Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – De 107 patrioterna Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – Alla råns moder Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – Organizatsija Karayan Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – Barninfiltratören Frank Wagner
Johan Falk – Kodnamn Lisa Frank Wagner
2013 Easy Money III: Life Deluxe
Johan “JW” Westlund
2014 RoboCop Alex Murphy / RoboCop
Knight of Cups Errol
Run All Night Mike Conlon
Child 44 Wasilij Nikitin
Suicide Squad Rick Flag
Edge of Winter Elliot Baker
2019 The Informer Pete Koslow
Brothers by Blood Michael Flood
The Secrets We Keep
Thomas Steinman
2021 The Suicide Squad Rick Flag
2023 Sympathy for the Devil The Driver
TBA Silent Night Godlock

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All Joel Kinnaman TV shows in Order of Release

List of Joel Kinnaman’s Shows:

Year Title Role
1990–1991 Storstad
Felix Lundström
2006 Vinnarskallar Gurra
2008 Andra Avenyn Gustav
2009 183 dagar Byron
2011–2014 The Killing Stephen Holder
2016–2017 House of Cards Governor William “Will” Conway
2018–2020 Altered Carbon Takeshi Kovacs / Elias Ryker
2019–2021 Hanna Erik Heller
2019–present For All Mankind
Edward Baldwin
2021 In Treatment Adam


In a career spanning decades, Joel Kinnaman’s remarkable journey through a myriad of roles in movies and TV shows stands as a testament to his exceptional talent. From his early days as a child actor to his international breakthroughs, Kinnaman’s dedication to his craft shines brightly. His ability to seamlessly transition between intense crime dramas, thrilling action films, and thought-provoking series showcases his versatility and depth. As he continues to grace both the big and small screens, audiences can eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Joel Kinnaman’s ever-evolving repertoire of captivating performances in movies and TV shows.

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