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All Elsie Fisher Movies and TV Shows List

Elsie Fisher has captivated audiences with her remarkable talent and undeniable charm across a range of movies and TV shows. From her breakthrough role as the endearing Kayla Day in the critically acclaimed film “Eighth Grade” to her captivating performances in various television projects, Fisher has consistently proven herself as a versatile and accomplished young actress. With a natural ability to bring authenticity and depth to her characters, she has undoubtedly become a rising star in the entertainment industry. In this exploration of Elsie Fisher’s movies and TV shows, we delve into her impressive body of work that continues to leave a lasting impact on viewers of all ages.

All Elsie Fisher Movies and TV Shows

Elsie Fisher’s journey in the world of entertainment began at a tender age of six when she made her debut in a 2009 episode of the NBC supernatural drama series “Medium.” Her early experiences laid the foundation for what would become an impressive career. From 2009 to 2012, Fisher lent her voice to the English dub of the Russian animated children’s series “Masha and the Bear,” voicing the character Masha. Her youthful exuberance and talent were further showcased in the animated comedy film “Despicable Me” (2010) and its sequel “Despicable Me 2” (2013), where she voiced the lovable character Agnes.

Stepping into more diverse roles, Fisher made her presence felt in the sports drama film “McFarland, USA” (2015), displaying her versatility beyond animated projects. By March 2016, she had already marked her presence in over sixteen national commercials, highlighting her growing prominence. However, it was her role as the socially-struggling teenager Kayla Day in the comedy-drama film “Eighth Grade” (2018) that truly catapulted Fisher into the spotlight. Directed by comedian Bo Burnham, the film garnered critical acclaim and earned Fisher accolades, including a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

Fisher’s talents extended beyond the big screen as she voiced Parker Needler in the animated dark comedy film “The Addams Family” (2019) and took on the main role of Joy Wilkes in the second season of the Hulu anthology horror series “Castle Rock.” With each project, she continued to showcase her remarkable acting prowess and adaptability. In 2022, Fisher joined the cast of the HBO dark comedy series “Barry” in its third season, affirming her status as a burgeoning talent in the industry. Elsie Fisher’s journey through various movies and TV shows reflects her evolution as an actress, leaving an indelible mark on audiences and securing her place as a rising star in entertainment.

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All Elsie Fisher Movies in Order of Release

List of Elsie Fisher’s Movies:

Year Title Role
Despicable Me Agnes (voice)
Dirty Girl Tiffany Briggs
Home Makeover Agnes (voice)
2012 Peter at the End Elsie
Despicable Me 2 Agnes (voice)
My Friend Robot Charlie
Bad Behavior Grace
Vertical Ashley Stewart
Travelers Libby
Training Wheels Agnes (voice)
2014 Gutshot Straight Stephanie
2015 McFarland, USA Jamie White
2016 The Axe Murders of Villisca Ina
2017 Scales: A Mermaids Tale Hayden
2018 Eighth Grade Kayla Day
2019 The Addams Family
Parker Needler (voice)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Lila
Family Squares Cassie Worth
My Best Friend’s Exorcism Abby
2023 Memory
Latchkey Kids
The Shaggs

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All Elsie Fisher TV shows in Order of Release

List of Elsie Fisher’s Shows:

Year Title Role
2009 Medium
Young Bridgette DuBois
2011 Mike & Molly Fairy Princess
2012 Masha and the Bear Masha (voice)
Raising Hope Susie
Sofia the First
Woodsman’s Daughter (voice)
2019 Castle Rock Joy Wilkes
2022–23 Barry Katie Harris
2023 The Summer I Turned Pretty Skye


Elsie Fisher’s remarkable journey through movies and TV shows exemplifies her exceptional growth as an actress. From her early voice acting roles in beloved animated films to her breakthrough performance in “Eighth Grade,” Fisher’s talent and versatility shine through. Her ability to portray a wide range of characters, from animated whimsy to nuanced human struggles, showcases her prowess. As she continues to make her mark in projects like “The Addams Family” and “Castle Rock,” Fisher’s dedication to her craft and her natural charm make her a captivating presence on both the big and small screens. Elsie Fisher’s ongoing contributions to the world of entertainment promise an exciting future filled with captivating performances.

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