Arctic Monkeys Albums IN Order

The List of Arctic Monkeys Albums in Order of Release Date

Arctic Monkeys Albums in Order: Having sold over 7 million albums, including 1 million in the United States and 4 million in the United Kingdom, Arctic Monkeys is one of the best English rock band, became the first independent-label band to debut at number one in the UK with their first five albums. They have released 7 studio albums, 5 extended plays (EPs) and 23 singles.

The mid-2000s had no lack of garage-rockin’ skinny-jeaned upstarts vying to join The Strokes and The Libertines on the cover of NME. But not only were Sheffield, England’s Arctic Monkeys able to whip up a media frenzy worthy of their heroes, they managed to thoroughly transcend it and become a rock institution unto themselves. Only 16 when he founded the band in 2002, singer/guitarist Alex Turner swiftly established himself as a songwriter of uncommon wisdom and wit, helping make the band’s scrappy 2006 salvo, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, the fastest-selling debut album in UK history. If that record suggested Turner was a natural inductee to the Ray Davies/Paul Weller/Damon Albarn school of British pub-rock philosophers, the Monkeys refused to settle for being a homegrown phenomenon and set their sights on global domination.

By 2009’s Humbug, they were seeking riff-thickening advice from producer Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, while their 2013 blockbuster, AM, cracked the U.S. Top 10 with the sort of sing-along stompers (“Do I Wanna Know?”, “R U Mine”) naturally suited to the festivals they routinely headlined. But once they established themselves as one of the world’s biggest rock bands, the Monkeys proved they could be among its most adventurous, too: On 2018’s glam-jazz concept album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, Turner weaves a complex sci-fi narrative to address real-world woes like capitalism and media addiction, keeping his feet on the streets even as his band now orbit the stars. So, if you are a die heart fan of Arctic Monkeys Albums then check out here we have list of Arctic Monkeys albums in order of release so far.


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All Arctic Monkeys Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006)

“Arctic Monkeys’ 2006 debut album, ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not,’ is a seismic entry in indie rock history. Bursting onto the scene with raw energy and incisive lyrics, the album encapsulates the restless spirit of youth in the urban landscape. Tracks like ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ and ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ became instant anthems, driven by Alex Turner’s sharp storytelling and the band’s infectious sound. The album delves into the trials of nightlife, love, and observations of Sheffield’s bustling streets. From the swaggering rhythms of ‘Dancing Shoes’ to the introspective ‘Mardy Bum,’ each song offers a vivid snapshot of everyday life. It’s a landmark release that cemented Arctic Monkeys as a defining force in modern rock.”


2. Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007)

“Arctic Monkeys’ sophomore effort, ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare,’ released in 2007, solidifies their status as a powerhouse in the indie rock scene. The album is a whirlwind of frenetic rhythms and sharp-witted lyrics. Opening with the thunderous ‘Brianstorm,’ it sets the pace for a relentless musical journey. Tracks like ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ and ‘505’ showcase Alex Turner’s lyrical prowess, weaving tales of urban life with a poetic touch. ‘Do Me a Favour’ and ‘If You Were There, Beware’ delve into more introspective territory, adding depth to the album’s narrative. The band’s musicianship shines, with each member contributing to the album’s rich texture. ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ is a testament to Arctic Monkeys’ evolution and cements their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in modern rock.”


3. Humbug (2009)

“Arctic Monkeys’ third studio album, ‘Humbug,’ released in 2009, marks a significant departure from their earlier sound. Produced in collaboration with Josh Homme and James Ford, the album takes a darker and more experimental turn. ‘Crying Lightning’ and ‘Dangerous Animals’ showcase Homme’s influence with their brooding intensity, while ‘Cornerstone’ and ‘Pretty Visitors’ exhibit a haunting beauty. Turner’s lyrical prowess is on full display, delving into enigmatic narratives and vivid storytelling. The album’s standout track, ‘The Jeweller’s Hands,’ is an epic conclusion, layered with intricate instrumentation and Turner’s haunting vocals. ‘Humbug’ is a testament to Arctic Monkeys’ willingness to evolve, pushing the boundaries of their musicality and solidifying their status as innovators in modern rock.”


4. Suck It and See (2011)

“Released in 2011, ‘Suck It and See’ by Arctic Monkeys marks a return to a more melodic and introspective sound. The album combines Alex Turner’s evocative lyricism with the band’s refined musicality. Tracks like ‘She’s Thunderstorms’ and ‘Black Treacle’ exude a dreamy, romantic quality, while ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ and ‘Library Pictures’ inject a dose of irreverent energy. The album’s title track, ‘Suck It and See,’ encapsulates its unapologetic spirit. Turner’s poignant storytelling shines in ‘Love Is a Laserquest’ and ‘Piledriver Waltz,’ showcasing his lyrical maturity. ‘That’s Where You’re Wrong’ serves as a fitting conclusion, leaving a lasting impression. ‘Suck It and See’ is a testament to Arctic Monkeys’ ability to evolve while staying true to their distinct identity.”


5. AM (2013)

“Released in 2013, Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ is a sonic triumph, blending sultry, R&B-infused rock with their signature indie sensibilities. Produced by James Ford and Ross Orton, the album emanates a seductive allure. ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ sets the tone with its hypnotic groove, while ‘R U Mine?’ exudes a fierce, electrifying energy. Tracks like ‘Arabella’ and ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ showcase Alex Turner’s lyrical prowess, weaving tales of desire and nightlife intrigue. ‘No.1 Party Anthem’ and ‘Fireside’ offer a slower, introspective contrast. The album culminates in ‘I Wanna Be Yours,’ a poetic declaration of devotion. ‘AM’ is a masterful display of Arctic Monkeys’ musical evolution, solidifying their status as trailblazers in contemporary rock.”


6. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (2018)

“Released in 2018, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ represents a bold departure for Arctic Monkeys. The album immerses listeners in a retro-futuristic world, with Alex Turner’s crooning vocals leading the way. ‘Star Treatment’ sets a luxurious, introspective tone, followed by the suave ‘One Point Perspective.’ Tracks like ‘Four Out of Five’ and ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ exude a cosmic, lounge-like ambiance. The album’s conceptual brilliance is evident in ‘The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip’ and ‘Batphone,’ which unveil enigmatic narratives. ‘The Ultracheese’ closes the album with a touch of melancholic grandeur. ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ is a testament to Arctic Monkeys’ artistic daring, creating a sonic universe that feels both timeless and distinctly modern.”


7. The Car (2022)

“Arctic Monkeys’ seventh studio album, ‘The Car,’ released in October 2022, is a testament to the band’s enduring creativity. The album introduces a new sonic landscape, with tracks like ‘There’d Better Be a Mirrorball’ and ‘Body Paint’ showcasing a blend of introspective lyricism and innovative instrumentation. ‘I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am’ exudes a sense of introspection, while ‘Big Ideas’ and ‘Hello You’ bring a dynamic energy to the mix. The collaborative effort between Turner, Cook, and Rowley in tracks like ‘Sculptures of Anything Goes’ and ‘Mr Schwartz’ highlights the band’s musical synergy. Clocking in at 37 minutes, ‘The Car’ is a concise yet impactful addition to Arctic Monkeys’ discography, demonstrating their ability to evolve while maintaining their distinctive sound.”


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How many albums does Arctic Monkeys have?

English rock band Arctic Monkeys have released SEVEN studio albums, FIVE extended plays, TWO video albums, TWENTY-FOUR music videos and TWENTY-THREE singles.


List of Arctic Monkeys Albums in Order of Release Date

The List of List of Arctic Monkeys Albums in Order of Release Here!

Studio albums:

1. Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not — 23 January 2006 (UK), 21 February 2006 (US)

2. Favourite Worst Nightmare — 23 April 2007

3. Humbug — 19 August 2009

4. Suck It and See — 6 June 2011

5. AM — 6 September 2013 T

6. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino — 11 May 2018

7. The Car — 21 October 2022


Live albums:

1. At the Apollo 3 November 2008

2. Live at the Royal Albert Hall —  4 December 2020


Other albums:

1. Beneath the Boardwalk — 2004


Extended plays:

1. Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? — 24 April 2006

2. iTunes Festival: London 2011 — 22 July 2011



Arctic Monkeys‘ discography is a testament to their evolution and innovation in rock music. From the explosive debut of ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ to the cosmic musings of ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino,’ each album showcases their lyrical prowess and musical versatility. The recent addition of ‘The Car’ further solidifies their enduring creative brilliance. With seven distinct studio albums, Arctic Monkeys have consistently pushed boundaries and left an indelible mark on the music landscape.”

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