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World of Warcraft — WoW Expansions in Order to Play

World of Warcraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, has captivated millions of players worldwide since its inception in 2004. Over the years, the game has seen numerous expansions that have expanded its immersive universe, introduced exciting new content, and pushed the boundaries of online gaming. From the shattered world of Outland to the burning fel-ravaged landscapes of Draenor, and from the icy wastes of Northrend to the mystical isles of Pandaria, each expansion has brought its own unique flavor to the ever-evolving world of Azeroth. Join us as we embark on a journey through the WoW expansions in order, exploring the rich lore, epic quests, and unforgettable adventures that have shaped this legendary MMORPG.

How many WoW expansions are there?

Since launch, World of Warcraft has had NINE (9) major expansion packs: The Burning Crusade (2007), Wrath of the Lich King (2008), Cataclysm (2010), Mists of Pandaria (2012), Warlords of Draenor (2014), Legion (2016), Battle for Azeroth (2018), Shadowlands (2020), and Dragonflight (2022).


What are all the WoW Expansions in Order?

1. The Burning Crusade (2007)

The Burning Crusade, released in 2007, was the first expansion for World of Warcraft and brought players to the shattered world of Outland. As the Dark Portal reopened, adventurers ventured into this perilous realm to confront the Burning Legion and its merciless leader, Illidan Stormrage. This expansion introduced two new playable races, the resilient Draenei for the Alliance and the savage Blood Elves for the Horde, each with their own unique starting zones and rich backstory. The Burning Crusade also raised the level cap to 70, offering players a plethora of challenging dungeons and raids, including the iconic Black Temple. With its breathtaking landscapes, compelling storyline, and thrilling new features, The Burning Crusade marked a turning point in WoW’s history, propelling players into an epic battle against the forces of darkness on a grand scale.


2. Wrath of the Lich King (2008)

Wrath of the Lich King, released in 2008, stands as one of the most beloved expansions in World of Warcraft’s history. This expansion plunged players into the frigid continent of Northrend, dominated by the menacing presence of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil. As heroes sought to thwart the Scourge and its undead armies, they encountered new allies like the noble knights of the Argent Crusade and the enigmatic druids of the Dragonblight. Wrath of the Lich King introduced the Death Knight hero class, allowing players to wield dark powers and serve as agents of the Lich King. It also unveiled an array of captivating raids, including the breathtaking Icecrown Citadel, culminating in a climactic battle against Arthas himself. With its chilling atmosphere, epic storytelling, and diverse content, Wrath of the Lich King continues to be cherished by players as a milestone expansion in the World of Warcraft saga.


3. Cataclysm (2010)

Cataclysm, released in 2010, brought cataclysmic changes to the world of Azeroth. This expansion shattered the familiar landscapes, reshaping the continents and altering the balance of power. As the corrupted dragon aspect, Deathwing, emerged from his elemental prison, players embarked on a quest to save their world from destruction. Cataclysm introduced two new playable races, the feral Worgen for the Alliance and the cunning Goblins for the Horde, each with their own unique starting zones and storylines. With the level cap raised to 85, players tackled challenging dungeons and raids, such as the fiery Bastion of Twilight and the treacherous Blackwing Descent. Additionally, Cataclysm revamped the old-world zones, breathing new life into classic areas like Stormwind and Orgrimmar. This expansion left an indelible mark on Azeroth, forever changing the landscape and delivering an unforgettable chapter in World of Warcraft’s history.


4. Mists of Pandaria (2012)

Mists of Pandaria, released in 2012, introduced players to the enigmatic continent of Pandaria, a land shrouded in mist and brimming with ancient secrets. This expansion unveiled the pandaren race as a playable option, offering players the chance to embrace their inner balance and choose their faction. As tensions escalated between the Alliance and the Horde, Pandaria served as a backdrop for their conflict. Players delved into a rich tapestry of lore, engaging in epic quests and encountering new allies like the wise martial artists of the Shado-Pan and the mischievous Brewmasters. Mists of Pandaria also introduced the innovative pet battle system, allowing players to collect and train companions to battle against each other. With its serene landscapes, compelling storytelling, and unique gameplay features, Mists of Pandaria offered a refreshing and captivating expansion that left players yearning for more adventures in the ever-expanding world of Azeroth.


5. Warlords of Draenor (2014)

Warlords of Draenor, released in 2014, took players on a thrilling journey to the savage and untamed world of Draenor, before it became the shattered Outland. This expansion featured an alternate timeline where the orcish warlords united under the malevolent Gul’dan, creating a formidable Iron Horde. Players ventured through the dark portal and found themselves in a visually stunning and treacherous land, encountering iconic characters such as Grommash Hellscream and Ner’zhul. Warlords of Draenor introduced the garrison system, allowing players to establish and customize their own stronghold, recruiting followers to aid them in missions and battles. This expansion also introduced the level cap of 100 and provided challenging raids like Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel. With its compelling storyline, captivating zones, and innovative features, Warlords of Draenor offered players an immersive and action-packed experience in the savage world of Draenor.


6. Legion (2016)

Legion, released in 2016, emerged as a game-changing expansion that reinvigorated World of Warcraft. The Burning Legion returned with renewed vigor, launching a full-scale invasion on Azeroth. Players took up arms as the heroes of their respective classes, wielding legendary artifacts to combat the demonic hordes. Legion introduced the Broken Isles, a breathtaking and diverse region filled with ancient wonders and perilous challenges. The expansion showcased the new Demon Hunter class, allowing players to embrace the demonic powers and become formidable adversaries. With the level cap increased to 110, Legion offered a wealth of engaging content, including thrilling raids like the Emerald Nightmare and Tomb of Sargeras. It also introduced the dynamic world quest system, encouraging players to explore the vast expanses of Azeroth. Legion’s gripping storyline, stunning visuals, and innovative features left an indelible mark, making it one of WoW’s most acclaimed expansions to date.


7. Battle for Azeroth (2018)

Battle for Azeroth, released in 2018, thrust players into a tumultuous conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, as tensions reached a boiling point. This expansion divided the world, with the Alliance claiming Kul Tiras and the Horde seizing control of Zandalar. Players embarked on a quest to gather powerful allies, such as the mighty Kul Tirans and the honorable Zandalari trolls, to aid their faction in the impending war. Battle for Azeroth raised the level cap to 120, offering new zones to explore, including the lush jungles of Nazmir and the treacherous seas of Stormsong Valley. The expansion introduced Warfronts, large-scale cooperative battles, and Island Expeditions, challenging players to compete for resources and treasures. With its gripping narrative, intense faction rivalry, and diverse gameplay features, Battle for Azeroth showcased the devastating consequences of war and the struggle for dominance in the world of Azeroth.


8. Shadowlands (2020)

Shadowlands, released in 2020, beckoned players to embark on a remarkable journey beyond mortal realms. This expansion delved into the realm of the afterlife, where the eternal struggle between light and darkness unfolded. As Azeroth’s heroes found themselves in the mysterious Shadowlands, they discovered a realm divided into distinct domains ruled by powerful Covenants. Players forged pacts with these Covenants, each granting unique abilities and rewards. The expansion introduced the new leveling system, allowing players to explore any expansion content from level 10 to 50. With its visually stunning landscapes, intricate lore, and engaging dungeons and raids like Castle Nathria, Shadowlands delivered a compelling narrative and challenged players to navigate the depths of the afterlife. Amidst the realms of the departed, Shadowlands offered a fresh and captivating experience, showcasing the intricate tapestry of life and death in the world of Azeroth.


9. Dragonflight (2022)

Join forces with the dragonflights of Azeroth as they try to get back to the Dragon Isles, a lost land of magic and wonder. There are the dracthyr evokers, a new playable race and class of humanoid dragonkin who are ready to join the ranks of the Horde and Alliance. The dragonflights of Azeroth have come back because they were asked to protect their original home, the Dragon Isles. The Isles are waking up again, full of elemental magic and the life forces of Azeroth. It’s up to you to explore their ancient wonders and find long-lost secrets. As you get to level 70, you’ll get powerful new skills and the return of reworked talent trees to help you. Dragonflight’s gripping story, amazing visuals, and new features made it one of WoW’s most praised expansions to date.


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The World of Warcraft Expansions in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of World of Warcraft Expansions in Order of Release Date

1. The Burning Crusade — January 2007

2. Wrath of the Lich King — November 2008

3. Cataclysm — December 2010

4. Mists of Pandaria — September 2012

5. Warlords of Draenor — November 2014

6. Legion — August 2016

7. Battle for Azeroth — August 2018

8. Shadowlands — November 2020

9. Dragonflight — November 2022



World of Warcraft’s expansions have taken players on incredible journeys, introducing new continents, races, and challenges. From the classic realms of Azeroth to the shattered world of Outland, and beyond to the mystical Pandaria and the Legion’s Burning Crusade, each expansion has expanded the game’s lore and offered unforgettable adventures. Whether battling ancient gods or confronting the undead scourge, these expansions have kept the world of Azeroth ever-changing, ensuring an endless realm of exploration for brave heroes.

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