Vanessa Carlton Albums in Order

The List of Vanessa Carlton Albums in Order of Release Date

Vanessa Carlton Albums in Order: The discography of American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton consists of six studio albums and 16 singles.

American singer-songwriter and pianist Vanessa Carlton is an independent alternative artist, who first gained pop success in the early 2000s. ∙ Trained in piano and classical ballet as a child, Carlton performed her songs in New York City clubs while attending college, eventually signing a record deal. ∙ She scored a hit with her first single, 2002’s “A Thousand Miles,” which reached No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned three Grammy nominations, including Record of the Year. ∙ Be Not Nobody, her 2002 debut album, went Platinum and secured her a place on Billboard’s Top Pop Artists list that year. ∙ Her 2004 sophomore album, Harmonium, featured guest stars Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac on acoustic guitar and Pharrell Williams on backing vocals. ∙ Carlton made her Broadway debut in 2019, in the title role of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. So, if you are a die heart fan of Vanessa Carlton Albums then check out here we have list of Vanessa Carlton albums in order of release so far.


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All Vanessa Carlton Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Be Not Nobody (2002)

“Be Not Nobody” heralded Vanessa Carlton’s arrival as a formidable force in the music industry. Released in 2002, this debut studio album showcased her remarkable songwriting and piano skills. The record features standout tracks like the iconic “A Thousand Miles,” known for its instantly recognizable piano riff and heartfelt lyrics. Carlton’s emotive voice shines through in songs like “Ordinary Day” and “Pretty Baby,” while tracks like “Sway” and “Rinse” exhibit her versatility as an artist. The album also includes a soulful rendition of “Paint It Black” by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. With its blend of introspective lyricism and catchy melodies, “Be Not Nobody” remains a cornerstone of Carlton’s impressive discography, leaving an indelible mark on early 2000s pop music.


2. Harmonium (2004)

“Harmonium,” Vanessa Carlton’s second studio album, released in 2004, showcased her continued growth as a singer-pianist. The album is a testament to Carlton’s ability to infuse her music with emotional depth and introspection. Standout tracks like “White Houses” and “Who’s to Say” blend poignant lyrics with Carlton’s signature piano melodies. “San Francisco” and “Annie” offer a glimpse into her evocative storytelling prowess. The album’s bonus track, a rendition of U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name,” demonstrates her versatile musicality. “Harmonium” is marked by a sense of maturity, both in its composition and Carlton’s delivery, solidifying her status as a distinguished artist in the pop music landscape.


3. Heroes & Thieves (2007)

“Vanessa Carlton’s third album, ‘Heroes & Thieves’ (2007), stands as a testament to her continued musical evolution. Released by The Inc. Records, the album showcases Carlton’s prowess as both a singer and songwriter. Tracks like ‘Nolita Fairytale’ and ‘Hands on Me’ exude a pop sensibility while maintaining a depth of emotion. Collaborations with luminaries like Stevie Nicks on ‘The One’ add a layer of richness to the album. ‘Spring Street’ and ‘Come Undone’ display Carlton’s ability to craft introspective, evocative songs. With ‘Heroes & Thieves,’ Carlton delivers a collection of songs that not only demonstrate her growth as an artist but also resonate with a profound sense of authenticity and artistry.”


4. Rabbits on the Run (2011)

“Released in 2011, ‘Rabbits on the Run’ is Vanessa Carlton’s fourth studio album, showcasing a departure from her earlier sound. The album introduces a folk-infused aesthetic, marked by introspective storytelling and delicate instrumentals. Tracks like ‘Carousel’ and ‘Fairweather Friend’ evoke a sense of ethereal beauty, while ‘Dear California’ and ‘Tall Tales for Spring’ offer heartfelt reflections on identity and longing. The poignant ‘I Don’t Want to Be a Bride’ showcases Carlton’s lyrical depth. The iTunes Deluxe Edition provides acoustic versions and bonus tracks, enhancing the listener’s experience. ‘Rabbits on the Run’ solidifies Carlton’s versatility and artistic growth, proving her ability to navigate new musical territories while maintaining her signature emotive resonance.”


5. Liberman (2015)

“Vanessa Carlton’s fifth studio album, ‘Liberman’ (2015), is a mesmerizing exploration of ethereal soundscapes and introspective lyricism. Released in the US on October 23, 2015, and later in the UK and Europe, the album unveils a more atmospheric and experimental side of Carlton’s artistry. Tracks like ‘Take It Easy’ and ‘House of Seven Swords’ exhibit a hauntingly beautiful quality, while ‘Operator’ and ‘Matter of Time’ infuse a subtle intensity. ‘Blue Pool’ and ‘River’ evoke a sense of melancholic reflection. The deluxe edition offers intimate living room sessions and an original demo, providing a deeper immersion into the album’s ethereal world. ‘Liberman’ stands as a testament to Carlton’s evolution as an artist, showcasing her ability to craft intricate, emotionally resonant compositions.”


6. Love is an Art (2020)

“Vanessa Carlton’s sixth studio album, ‘Love Is an Art’ (2020), is a poignant exploration of human emotions and relationships. Released in the US on March 27, 2020, the album delves into themes of transformation and self-discovery. Tracks like ‘I Can’t Stay the Same’ and ‘Companion Star’ showcase Carlton’s ability to blend introspective lyrics with melodic beauty. ‘Love Is an Art’ and ‘The Only Way to Love’ resonate with a profound vulnerability. The album’s deluxe edition offers bonus tracks like ‘Break to Save’ and a demo version of ‘I Know You Don’t Mean It,’ providing a deeper glimpse into the creative process. ‘Love Is an Art’ is a testament to Carlton’s enduring talent and her ability to create music that touches the soul.”


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How many albums does Vanessa Carlton have?

The discography of American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton consists of SIX studio albums and SIXTEEN singles, TWO live albums, ONE compilation albums, THREE EPs and FOURTEEN music videos.


List of Vanessa Carlton Albums in Order of Release Date

The List of List of Vanessa Carlton Albums in Order of Release Here!

Studio albums:

1. Be Not Nobody — April 30, 2002

2. Harmonium — November 9, 2004

3. Heroes & Thieves — October 9, 2007

4. Rabbits on the Run — July 26, 2011

5. Liberman — October 23, 2015 (US), April 29, 2015 (UK, Europe)

6. Love Is an Art — March 27, 2020


Compilation albums:

1. Icon: Best of Vanessa Carlton January 4, 2011

2. Double Live & Covers November 23, 2018

3. Piano Songs October 16, 2020


Live albums:

1. Ordinary Day 2002

2. Hear the Bells November 21, 2011

3. Blue Pool EP July 24, 2015



Vanessa Carlton‘s discography is a testament to her evolution as a singer-songwriter and pianist. Beginning with the breakout success of “Be Not Nobody” in 2002, her early work showcased a blend of pop sensibilities and introspective lyricism. “Harmonium” (2004) demonstrated a maturing sound, while “Heroes & Thieves” (2007) explored more intricate musical landscapes. “Rabbits on the Run” (2011) marked a departure with its folk-inspired essence. “Liberman” (2015) introduced a dreamy, atmospheric quality, and “Love is an Art” (2020) further solidified her penchant for emotive, intricate compositions. Carlton’s discography is a captivating journey through her artistic growth and creative versatility.

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