How to Watch Mystery Woman Movies in Order

If you are a Mystery lover then you must watch Mystery Woman Movies in order of story they go in. It is a series of 11 made-for-television mystery films, that follows Kellie Martin as Samantha Kinsey, an avid murder-mystery fan who inherits a bookstore in the first film. Her extensive knowledge of murder-mystery books assists her in her amateur sleuthing. In the pilot, she is divorced, but this is never mentioned in the other films.

So to enjoy the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries — Mystery Woman—Samantha Kinsey, proprietor of a bookstore specializing in mystery books gets involved in solving real-life mysteries in the order you must watch All Mystery Woman Movies in Chronological order. So here is a guide on How to Watch Mystery Woman in Order of story.


How to Watch Mystery Woman Series in Order

1. Mystery Woman

Mystery Woman

 A long series of American TV movies called” Mystery Woman”, in which Samantha Kinsey, the owner of a bookshop specializing in thrillers and suspense is involved in the resolution of real cases. In the film, A famous writer is found hanged in his office. At first, all police investigations conclude that it was suicide, but when Samantha Kinsey, owner of Seller ‘Mystery Woman’ starts his own investigation, he discovers that there is a chance that has been committed murder. 


2. Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend

Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend

Bookseller Samantha becomes an amatuer sleuth when a book signing at her store turns into a crime scene. A recluse-hit author Clare Beckman (Beth Broderick) is about to announce her retirement at Samantha’s bookshop when a gunshot is heard. While Clare manages to dodge the bullet, she is killed by cleverly planted bee venom which kills her instantly due to her being allergic to bees, a fact that few people knew about.


3. Mystery Woman: Snapshot

Mystery Woman: Snapshot

A Thursday Night Mayhem member turns to Samantha for support after the funeral of her brother, who was killed in a suspicious car accident. But when the sister accuses family members of foul play, she winds up dead herself.


4. Mystery Woman: Sing Me a Murder

Mystery Woman: Sing Me a Murder

Mystery Woman bookshop owner, Samantha Kinsey, has offered to host a charity concert for a once-famous folk-rock trio out to recapture their old fame. But the band’s promoter is found murdered in his hotel room. Samantha and her partner in crime, Philby, set out to investigate and must ask all the band members to relive memories from their hazy past if they want to find the truth.


5. Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder

Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder

Samantha is invited to a state-of-the-art resort and spa to shoot photographs for their brochure. Samantha and her friend Cassie meet the staff and other guests but soon one of the guests, Debbie, is found murdered incidentally right after her friend and fellow guest Alice discovered Debbie was having an affair with her husband. All the guests at the healing center become suspects as Samantha tries to find the killer.


6. Mystery Woman: Game Time

Mystery Woman: Game Time

Stolen rights to a computer game take center stage in this next installment of Mystery Woman. At Samantha Kinsey’s Mystery Woman bookstore, a rare appearance of a recluse mystery writer and game creator leads to his murder; this in turn leads Samantha to a game of discovery that nearly puts her in the trunk of a car. The author’s turbulent marriage, his troubled teenage son, devious hard-drive thieves, chemical weapons and the Russian Mafia all play a role. The game could make a fortune for someone, but not from behind bars.


7. Mystery Woman: At First Sight

Mystery Woman: At First Sight

Discovering on a visit to her handsome eye doctor that there is a possible hereditary problem with her vision, the adopted Samantha goes in search of her birth mother. But what she stumbles on is a dead body, and she finds that she must prove her new-found mother innocent of murder.


8. Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery

Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery

When former TV star Clint Taylor brings his Wild West show into town, murder becomes the featured attraction for bookstore owner Samantha Kinsey. Samantha is chairperson this year of Walden’s annual Wild West Days and it’s quite a coup bringing the ruggedly handsome Taylor and his band of cowboys into town for the event. The actor hasn’t been in the limelight for years, but with a big comeback movie in the works he has gathered together much of the cast of his old TV show for his arena extravaganza. After Taylor stages an accident for publicity, Samantha learns this is not one big happy family. When somebody shoots Taylor’s stand-in during a performance, Samantha calls upon her friends, Cassie and Philby, to help her find out which cowpoke pulled the trigger and why.


9. Mystery Woman: Oh Baby

Mystery Woman: Oh Baby

A couple accused of a murder go on the run, leaving their baby at the door of the Mystery Woman book store, Samantha Kinsey finds herself in the middle of a mob murder mystery after a mother who looks a lot like Sam leaves her baby in Mystery Woman.


10. Mystery Woman: Redemption

Mystery Woman: Redemption

A rare first edition from a pioneer author goes missing in the mystery novels-specialized Kinsey bookshop during remodeling by the local firm of Tyler Dell, who recently lost his father, a Vietnam veteran. Retired English teacher Jim Carter, who overheard everything, is murdered shortly after a row in Reverend Tucker’s homeless shelter Haven with aggressive lush Murphy. Rude police chief Connors isn’t up to an investigation while the killer keeps sniping, so the bookstore’s armchair sleuths duo does it alone, starting from a lacquered box left by Jim for his illegitimate daughter, who never even knew his name. It starts a set of cues, slowly unraveling a grim intrigue starting during a 1965 US illegal intrusion into Red Khmer territory.


11. Mystery Woman: In the Shadows

Mystery Woman: In the Shadows

While searching for a KGB double agent who was about to be exposed by another Russian spy-turned-successful author, mystery bookstore owner Samantha Kinsey and her good friend and store manager, Philby are thrust into a murderous world of international espionage.


Mystery Woman Movie Images

How many Mystery Woman movies are there?

Mystery Woman is a series of ELEVEN (11) television mystery films released by the Hallmark Channel between 2003 and 2007, and now appearing regularly on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.


All Mystery Woman Movies in Order of Release Date

Here is the Mystery Woman movie franchise, in the order, they were released.

1. Mystery Woman — August 31, 2003

2. Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend — January 7, 2005

3. Mystery Woman: Snapshot — January 28, 2005

4. Mystery Woman: Sing Me a Murder — February 25, 2005

5. Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder — June 5, 2005

6. Mystery Woman: Game Time — August 21, 2005

7. Mystery Woman: At First Sight — January 21, 2006

8. Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery — March 18, 2006

9. Mystery Woman: Oh Baby — August 19, 2006

10. Mystery Woman: Redemption — November 6, 2006

11. Mystery Woman: In the Shadows — January 13, 2007



Watching Mystery Woman movies in chronological order, gives you non-stop thrilling experience of Murder Mysteries solved Mystery Woman—Samantha Kinsey (Kellie Martin). Luckily, chronologically and by release date are the same. The order in which you do these things is up to you now. But when we watch it, we prefer to do so in order.

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