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The List of Maroon 5 Albums in Order of Release Date

Maroon 5 Albums in Order: Having sold more than 135 million records, Maroon 5 is one of the world’s best-selling music artists, released seven studio albums, three live albums, two compilation albums, one remix album, six extended plays (EPs), 33 singles, seven promotional singles, and 38 music videos.

“When the video for Maroon 5’s “This Love” hit MTV in 2004, the network censored two words: coming, as in “keep her coming every night,” and sinking, as in “sinking my fingertips into every inch of you.” It’s not that the words were dirty, of course, but the context—well, even as euphemism, they felt a little too R for a song so universally catchy, so G. The incident was, in a way, a precedent: Even as they ascended to mega-stardom, Maroon 5 has managed to retain a sense of edge and sexuality that seems incomparable with how huge they are, bringing the boudoir to the grocery store while simultaneously remaining one of the 21st century’s few mainstream bands—as in, that old-timey concoction of guitar, bass, drums and a singer—able to keep pace with the innovations of electronic music and hip-hop.

Made up primarily of old high-school friends, the band formed in Los Angeles in the early 2000s after an earlier—and musically unrelated—incarnation called Kara’s Flowers failed to launch. Influenced by singer Adam Levine’s then-recent baptism in hip-hop music and culture, 2002’s Songs About Jane was a slow burn, taking about two years to reach the upper end of the charts. The band toured relentlessly, venturing further into soul and Prince-style pop-rock for 2007’s It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, adding both polish and power for 2010’s Hands All Over.

In 2011, Levine started serving as a coach on The Voice, launching his own celebrity while expanding the band’s reach even further. “So, if you are a die heart fan of Maroon 5 Albums then check out here we have list of Maroon 5 albums in order of release so far.


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All Maroon 5 Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

Studio Albums in Order

1. Songs About Jane (2002)

“Songs About Jane,” Maroon 5’s inaugural studio album, made its mark on June 25, 2002. This influential work features a compelling tracklist including hits like “Harder to Breathe,” “This Love,” and the soulful “She Will Be Loved.” With Adam Levine’s emotive vocals, complemented by James Valentine’s guitar work, the album strikes a perfect balance between rock and pop. The Japanese and special editions add extra flair with bonus tracks, including a Kanye West remix of “This Love.” A 10th-anniversary edition offers a treasure trove of demos, showcasing the evolution of these iconic tracks. “Songs About Jane” remains a cornerstone in Maroon 5’s discography, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.


2. It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007)

“It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,” Maroon 5’s second studio album released on May 16, 2007, showcases a captivating blend of pop and rock. Led by hits like “Makes Me Wonder” and “Won’t Go Home Without You,” this album delivers a diverse range of tracks, each characterized by Adam Levine’s distinctive vocals. The band’s synergy, particularly evident in songs like “Wake Up Call” and “Can’t Stop,” underscores their musical prowess. Bonus tracks, such as “Infatuation” and “Losing My Mind,” further enrich the album’s offerings. This record solidified Maroon 5’s position in the music industry, affirming their ability to craft melodies that resonate with a wide audience. “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” remains a testament to the band’s enduring talent and creativity.


3. Hands All Over (2010)

“Hands All Over,” Maroon 5’s third studio album released on September 15, 2010, showcases the band’s versatility and features guest appearances by Lady Antebellum and Christina Aguilera. From the catchy opener “Misery” to the emotionally charged “Never Gonna Leave This Bed,” the album is a fusion of pop and rock, with Adam Levine’s vocals at the forefront. Standout tracks like “Give a Little More” and “I Can’t Lie” exemplify the band’s ability to craft infectious melodies. The collaboration with Lady Antebellum on “Out of Goodbyes” adds a poignant dimension. Later editions, including the re-issue featuring “Moves like Jagger” with Christina Aguilera, further enhance the album’s appeal. “Hands All Over” solidified Maroon 5’s status as pop-rock trailblazers, showcasing their mastery in crafting memorable hits.


4. Overexposed (2012)

“Overexposed,” Maroon 5’s fourth studio album, dropped on June 20, 2012, marking a shift towards a more polished pop sound. Boasting a star-studded production team, including Max Martin and Ryan Tedder, the album is laden with infectious hits like “One More Night,” “Payphone” (featuring Wiz Khalifa), and the anthemic “Daylight.” The album showcases Maroon 5’s knack for crafting radio-friendly tunes while maintaining Adam Levine’s distinctive vocals. Tracks like “Love Somebody” and “Lucky Strike” display a catchy and energetic vibe. Bonus tracks, including the iconic “Moves Like Jagger” with Christina Aguilera, and remixes add depth to the release. “Overexposed” exemplifies Maroon 5’s adeptness at producing chart-topping hits and solidified their status as pop music mainstays.


5. V (2014)

“V,” Maroon 5’s fifth studio album released on August 29, 2014, exemplifies a refined pop sensibility. Showcasing hits like “Maps,” “Animals,” and the Gwen Stefani collaboration “My Heart Is Open,” the album marries infectious melodies with Adam Levine’s signature vocals. Tracks like “It Was Always You” and “Sugar” showcase the band’s knack for crafting radio-friendly pop anthems. The deluxe edition adds depth with tracks such as “Shoot Love” and a cover of “Sex and Candy.” With its diverse range of songs, from the introspective “Unkiss Me” to the infectious “New Love,” “V” demonstrates Maroon 5’s ability to evolve while maintaining their distinctive sound. The album solidifies their standing as pop-rock stalwarts, continuing to captivate audiences worldwide.


6. Red Pill Blues (2017)

“Red Pill Blues,” Maroon 5’s sixth studio album, released on November 3, 2017, is a tapestry of pop excellence. The album showcases the band’s versatility with tracks like “Best 4 U,” “Wait,” and the infectious “What Lovers Do” featuring SZA. Collaborations with artists like ASAP Rocky on “Whiskey” and LunchMoney Lewis on “Who I Am” add depth to the release. The deluxe edition features notable tracks like “Denim Jacket” and “Don’t Wanna Know” featuring Kendrick Lamar. “Red Pill Blues” encapsulates Maroon 5’s evolution towards a more contemporary sound, anchored by Adam Levine’s distinctive vocals. The album’s mix of infectious beats and poignant lyrics solidifies its place in the band’s discography.


7. Jordi (2021)

“Jordi,” Maroon 5’s seventh studio album, dropped on June 11, 2021, paying tribute to their late manager, Jordan Feldstein. The album boasts a star-studded lineup of collaborations. “Beautiful Mistakes” featuring Megan Thee Stallion kicks off the collection, setting the tone with its catchy beats and dynamic vocals. Tracks like “Lost,” “Echo” featuring Blackbear, and “Lovesick” showcase the band’s signature sound, while “Remedy” featuring Stevie Nicks introduces a classic rock edge. Notable collaborations include “Convince Me Otherwise” with H.E.R. and “Can’t Leave You Alone” featuring Juice Wrld. The deluxe edition treats fans to additional hits like “Button” featuring Anuel AA and Tainy, and “Lifestyle” with Jason Derulo. “Jordi” stands as a testament to Maroon 5’s enduring musical prowess.


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How many albums does Maroon 5 have?

American pop rock band Maroon 5 has released SEVEN studio albums, THREE live albums, TWO compilation albums, ONE remix album, SIX extended plays (EPs), THIRTY-SEVEN singles, SEVEN promotional singles, and THIRTY-EIGHT music videos.


List of Maroon 5 Albums in Order of Release Date

The List of List of Maroon 5 Albums in Order of Release Here!

Studio albums:

1. Songs About Jane — June 25, 2002

2. It Won’t Be Soon Before Long — May 22, 2007

3. Hands All Over — September 21, 2010

4. Overexposed — June 26, 2012

5. V — September 2, 2014

6. Red Pill Blues — November 3, 2017

7. Jordi — June 11, 2021


Live albums:

1. 1.22.03.Acoustic June 29, 2004 (US)

2. Live – Friday the 13th September 20, 2005 (US)

3. Live from Le Cabaret July 8, 2008 (US)


Compilation albums:

1. The B-Side Collection December 18, 2007 (US)

2. Singles — September 25, 2015


Remix albums:

1. Call and Response: The Remix Album — December 9, 2008 (US)


Extended plays:

1. Stagg Street Recordings — October 1999

2. The Limited SetOctober 6, 2003

3. Sessions@AOLJune 2007

4. Live from SoHo March 25, 2008 (US)

5. iTunes SessionFebruary 8, 2011 (US)

6. 12 DaysNovember 26, 2012 (UK)

7. Holiday Gift December 20, 2012 (UK)



Maroon 5, the renowned American pop rock band, has released seven studio albums since their debut in 2002 with “Songs About Jane.” Their discography showcases a dynamic evolution, from the early success of “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” to the polished pop sound of “Overexposed” and the diverse tracks on “Red Pill Blues.” With their latest release, “Jordi” in 2021, Maroon 5 continues to captivate audiences with their signature blend of catchy melodies and compelling lyrics.

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