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List of Leelee Sobieski Movies and TV Shows in Order of Release

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the remarkable filmography and television appearances of the incredibly talented Leelee Sobieski. From her early forays into acting as a child prodigy to her notable roles in both critically acclaimed films and popular TV shows, Sobieski has proven herself to be a versatile and captivating performer. Join us as we take a deep dive into her captivating journey through the world of movies and television, exploring the memorable characters she has brought to life and the indelible impact she has made on the screen.


List of Leelee Sobieski Movies in Order of Release

Leelee Sobieski’s movies career is a testament to her exceptional talent and range as an actress. Born Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski in New York City, Sobieski began her acting journey at a young age and quickly made a name for herself in Hollywood. Her breakthrough role came in the 1998 film “Deep Impact,” where she portrayed the teenage daughter of the U.S. President, delivering a compelling performance that showcased her ability to convey depth and emotion.

Following her impressive debut, Sobieski continued to take on challenging and diverse roles. In Stanley Kubrick’s final film, “Eyes Wide Shut” (1999), she shared the screen with legendary actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, holding her own in a complex and provocative role. This performance solidified her status as a rising star in the industry. Sobieski’s talent for portraying complex characters was further highlighted in the 2001 thriller “Joy Ride,” where she played a young woman pursued by a sadistic truck driver. Her ability to convey fear and vulnerability while maintaining a fierce determination captivated audiences and showcased her versatility as an actress.

In 2006, Sobieski took on the challenging role of Joan of Arc in the television miniseries “Joan of Arc.” Her portrayal of the iconic historical figure earned critical acclaim and garnered attention for her powerful and nuanced performance. Throughout her career, Sobieski has consistently chosen projects that allow her to explore a wide range of genres and characters. From period dramas like “The Glass House” (2001) to psychological thrillers like “In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale” (2007), she has demonstrated her ability to immerse herself in different worlds and bring authenticity to her roles.

Although Sobieski has taken a step back from the limelight in recent years, her contributions to the world of film continue to resonate with audiences. Her talent, dedication, and willingness to take on challenging roles have solidified her place as a respected and admired actress in the industry. Whether in big-screen blockbusters or independent films, Sobieski’s performances have left an indelible mark and cemented her legacy as an accomplished artist. Here is the list of Leelee Sobieski movies in order:

List of Leelee Sobieski’s Movies:

Year Title Role
1995 A Horse for Danny Danny Bara
1997 Jungle 2 Jungle Karen Kempster
1998 Deep Impact Sarah Hotchner
1998 A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries
Charlotte Anne “Channe” Willis
1999 Never Been Kissed Aldys Martin
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Milich’s Daughter
2000 Here on Earth
Samantha “Sam” Cavanaugh
2001 My First Mister Jennifer
2001 Joy Ride Venna Wilcox
2001 The Glass House Ruby Baker
2002 The Idol Sarah Silver
2002 Max
Liselore Von Peltz
2006 Lying Sarah
2006 Heavens Fall Victoria Price
2006 In a Dark Place Anna Veigh
2006 The Wicker Man Sister Honey
2006 The Elder Son Lolita
2007 Walk All over Me Alberta
2007 In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale Muriella
2007 88 Minutes Lauren Douglas
2009 Finding Bliss Jody Balaban
2009 Night Train Chloe
2009 Public Enemies Polly Hamilton
2010 Acts of Violence Olivia Flyn
2012 Branded Abby Gibbons
2016 The Last Film Festival Stalker

List of Leelee Sobieski Shows in Order of Release

Leelee Sobieski, an American actress known for her roles in films such as “Deep Impact” and “Joy Ride,” has also made notable appearances in television shows throughout her career. In 1994, Sobieski made an early TV appearance on the crime drama “Charlie Grace,” showcasing her talent at a young age. In 2001, she starred in the TV miniseries “Uprising,” portraying the character of Tosia Altman, a young Jewish woman involved in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during World War II. Sobieski’s performance received critical acclaim and earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination.

One of Sobieski’s most prominent television roles came in the CBS drama series “Joan of Arc” (1999). She played the lead character, Joan d’Arc, a teenage girl who receives messages from God and carries out various missions. Sobieski’s portrayal showcased her versatility and garnered positive reviews, solidifying her as a talented actress in both film and television.

Additionally, Sobieski has made guest appearances on shows like “Drop Dead Diva” and “The Good Wife,” further demonstrating her range as an actress. While Sobieski’s television career may not be as extensive as her filmography, her performances in these shows have left a lasting impact. With her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters, Sobieski continues to captivate audiences on the small screen whenever she makes an appearance. Here is the list of Leelee Sobieski shows in order:

List of Leelee Sobieski’s Shows:

Year Title Role
1995 Charlie Grace Jenny Grace
1996 Grace Under Fire Lucy
1996 NewsRadio High School Girl
1998 F/X: The Series Tanya
1999 Joan of Arc Joan of Arc
2001 Uprising Tosia Altman
2003 Les Liaisons dangereuses
Cécile de Volanges
2005 Hercules Deianeira
2010 Drop Dead Diva
Samantha ‘Sam’ Colby
2011 The Good Wife Alexis Symanski
2012 NYC 22 Jennifer Perry


In conclusion, Leelee Sobieski has proven herself as a versatile and talented actress in both movies and TV shows. Her performances in films like “Deep Impact” and “Joy Ride” have showcased her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters, captivating audiences with her talent. In television, Sobieski’s roles in shows such as “Joan of Arc” and “Uprising” have further highlighted her range and garnered critical acclaim. Whether on the big screen or the small screen, Sobieski’s contributions to the world of entertainment have left a lasting impact, and her talent continues to shine in every role she undertakes.

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