Korn Albums in Order

The List of Korn Albums in Order of Release Date

Korn Albums in Order: Having sold more than 40 million records worldwide, ZZ Top is one of the world’s best-selling bands, released 14 studio albums, three live albums, eight compilation albums, seven video albums, three extended plays, 46 singles, 10 promotional singles and 51 music videos.

Although Korn are rightfully considered nu-metal godfathers, the Californian band have always resisted genre pigeonholing. The nursery-rhyme-quoting 1995 single “Shoots and Ladders” starts with ominous bagpipes, and their 1998 breakthrough album, Follow the Leader, led to stardom on MTV’s pop-leaning TRL as well as a slot on the Family Values Tour with Limp Bizkit and Ice Cube. Korn’s roots were in a late-’80s/early-’90s metal band called L.A.P.D. that featured guitarist Munky and bassist Fieldy. After that group split, the pair linked up with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and vocalist Jonathan Davis to form Korn in 1993. Early songs such as “A.D.I.D.A.S.” embodied the band’s unique approach: confessional and often dark lyrics paired with shuddering bass, abrasive guitars and Davis’ half-rapped, half-sung vocals. By the end of the ’90s, Korn were at the forefront of the burgeoning nu-metal movement, although they were already making moves to ensure career longevity. The industrial-flecked hip-hop hit “Got the Life” and electro-goth mood pieces “Make Me Bad” and “Freak on a Leash” presaged a snappy 2004 cover of Cameo’s ’80s funk hit “Word Up!” and 2010s collaborations with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and EDM stars Skrillex and Kill the Noise. So, if you are a die heart fan of Korn Albums then check out here we have list of Korn albums in order of release so far.


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All Korn Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Korn (1994)

“Korn’s self-titled debut album, released in 1994, stands as a seminal work in the nu metal genre. With raw intensity and visceral emotion, it introduced a new sonic landscape. Tracks like ‘Blind’ and ‘Ball Tongue’ showcase the band’s signature blend of downtuned guitars and Jonathan Davis’ cathartic vocals. The album delves into personal struggles, exemplified in ‘Daddy,’ an emotionally charged track. ‘Shoots and Ladders’ incorporates a haunting nursery rhyme motif, adding a unique dimension. ‘Faget’ confronts themes of alienation and identity. The hidden track, ‘Michael & Geri,’ offers an experimental twist. Clocking in at over an hour, Korn’s inaugural release is a tour de force that laid the foundation for their enduring impact on the alternative music scene.”


2. Life Is Peachy (1996)

“Korn’s sophomore release, ‘Life Is Peachy’ (1996), further solidifies their pioneering presence in the nu metal genre. The album packs a punch with tracks like ‘Chi’ and ‘Good God,’ showcasing the band’s trademark blend of heavy riffs and visceral lyrics. ‘A.D.I.D.A.S.’ stands out for its infectious groove and anthemic chorus. The inclusion of covers like Ice Cube’s ‘Wicked’ and War’s ‘Lowrider’ demonstrates Korn’s versatility. ‘Kill You’ takes a darker turn, exploring complex emotions. The hidden track, ‘Twist A Capella,’ adds an intriguing coda. ‘Life Is Peachy’ is a potent follow-up that maintains the band’s raw energy, setting the stage for their continued influence in the alternative music landscape.”


3. Follow the Leader (1998)

“Korn’s ‘Follow the Leader’ (1998) is a monumental release that catapulted them to the forefront of the nu metal movement. With hits like ‘Freak on a Leash’ and ‘Got the Life,’ the album balances aggressive intensity with infectious hooks. Collaborations with artists like Ice Cube in ‘Children of the Korn’ and Fred Durst in ‘All in the Family’ bring dynamic layers to the tracks. ‘Dead Bodies Everywhere’ and ‘Reclaim My Place’ delve into dark themes with unapologetic fervor. The hidden track ‘Earache My Eye’ adds a surprising twist. Clocking in at over 70 minutes, ‘Follow the Leader’ is a tour de force, marking a pivotal moment in Korn’s career and leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.”


4. Issues (1999)

“Korn’s ‘Issues’ (1999) is a raw and introspective journey through the complexities of human emotion. With tracks like ‘Falling Away from Me’ and ‘Somebody Someone,’ the album delves into themes of inner turmoil and personal struggle. ‘Make Me Bad’ and ‘Wake Up’ showcase Korn’s signature blend of heavy guitar riffs and Jonathan Davis’ haunting vocals. The album also features shorter, poignant interludes like ‘Dead’ and ‘Am I Going Crazy’ that add depth to the narrative. ‘Dirty’ concludes the album with an epic, sprawling composition. Clocking in at just over 53 minutes, ‘Issues’ stands as a testament to Korn’s ability to channel raw emotion into a powerful musical experience.”


5. Untouchables (2002)

“Korn’s ‘Untouchables’ (2002) is a sonic tour de force, showcasing the band’s evolution within the nu metal genre. The album kicks off with ‘Here to Stay,’ a fierce anthem with a commanding presence. Tracks like ‘Thoughtless’ and ‘Alone I Break’ delve into themes of alienation and inner turmoil, while ‘Make Believe’ and ‘Blame’ explore vulnerability and self-reflection. The haunting ‘Hating’ and introspective ‘Bottled Up Inside’ add further emotional depth. The hidden track, ‘Here to Stay (T-Ray’s Mix),’ offers an intriguing twist. At a sprawling 65 minutes, ‘Untouchables’ is a testament to Korn’s ability to craft intricate, hard-hitting music that resonates on a deeply personal level.”


6. Take a Look in the Mirror (2003)

“Released on November 21, 2003, ‘Take a Look in the Mirror’ is Korn’s sixth studio album. This record is a return to their aggressive roots, featuring tracks like ‘Right Now’ and ‘Break Some Off’ that pack a powerful punch. ‘Did My Time’ and ‘Alive’ showcase the band’s ability to infuse melody into their signature heavy sound. The collaboration with Nas in ‘Play Me’ adds a unique dynamic, while ‘Y’All Want a Single’ serves as a pointed statement. The hidden track, a live cover of Metallica’s ‘One,’ offers a surprising twist. The album is accompanied by a deluxe edition DVD, providing fans with a comprehensive visual experience. ‘Take a Look in the Mirror’ stands as a testament to Korn’s enduring prowess in the nu metal genre.”


7. See You on the Other Side (2005)

“Released on December 6, 2005, ‘See You on the Other Side’ marks a significant departure for Korn. Collaborating with The Matrix and Atticus Ross, the album introduces a more experimental and electronic sound. ‘Twisted Transistor’ and ‘Coming Undone’ are standout tracks, infusing the band’s signature intensity with a fresh sonic palette. ‘Open Up’ is an epic, sprawling piece, showcasing a new dimension to Korn’s music. ‘Love Song’ and ‘Throw Me Away’ demonstrate a newfound vulnerability in Jonathan Davis’ vocals. The album also features bonus tracks, adding further depth to the experience. ‘See You on the Other Side’ is a bold step forward for Korn, demonstrating their willingness to push boundaries while staying true to their core identity.”


8. Untitled (2007)

“Korn’s untitled eighth studio album, released on July 31, 2007, reveals a band experimenting with new sounds and collaborators. Produced by The Matrix and featuring contributions from Terry Bozzio, the record embraces a dynamic range. ‘Starting Over’ and ‘Evolution’ showcase a blend of heavy guitars and electronic elements, while ‘Hold On’ and ‘Love and Luxury’ bring a more melodic edge. The haunting ‘Hushabye’ and the emotionally charged ‘I Will Protect You’ add depth to the album’s narrative. The deluxe edition offers additional tracks like ‘Sing Sorrow,’ providing an expanded experience. While different from their earlier works, this untitled release showcases Korn’s willingness to evolve and push boundaries within the nu metal genre.”


9. Korn III: Remember Who You Are (2010)

“Released on July 13, 2010, ‘Korn III: Remember Who You Are’ marks a return to Korn’s roots. Produced by Ross Robinson, who worked on their early seminal albums, it brings a raw and visceral energy. Tracks like ‘Oildale (Leave Me Alone)’ and ‘Fear Is a Place to Live’ resonate with classic Korn aggression, while ‘Let the Guilt Go’ and ‘Move On’ showcase a renewed sense of urgency. The haunting ‘The Past’ and introspective ‘Never Around’ add emotional depth. The special edition features bonus tracks like ‘Trapped Underneath the Stairs,’ further enriching the experience. This album is a testament to Korn’s ability to revisit their roots while continuing to evolve within the nu metal genre.”


10. The Path of Totality (2011) 

“Released in late 2011, ‘The Path of Totality’ represents a groundbreaking shift for Korn, as they delve headfirst into the realm of electronic and dubstep influences. Collaborating with renowned producers like Skrillex, Noisia, and Excision, the album introduces a new sonic dimension. Tracks like ‘Chaos Lives in Everything’ and ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ pulse with relentless energy, seamlessly blending Korn’s signature intensity with electronic beats. ‘Bleeding Out’ stands as a powerful finale, featuring Feed Me’s distinctive touch. The special edition expands the experience with tracks like ‘Fuels the Comedy’ and ‘Tension,’ further showcasing Korn’s adventurous spirit. ‘The Path of Totality’ is a bold, genre-defying statement, demonstrating the band’s willingness to evolve and innovate in the ever-changing landscape of music.”


11. The Paradigm Shift (2013)

“Released on October 7, 2013, ‘The Paradigm Shift’ marks a pivotal moment for Korn. Produced by Don Gilmore, the album represents a reconnection with their original sound. Tracks like ‘Prey for Me’ and ‘Love & Meth’ resonate with the band’s signature intensity, showcasing their enduring prowess. ‘Spike in My Veins’ and ‘Mass Hysteria’ bring a renewed sense of urgency. ‘Never Never’ stands as a poignant, melodic standout. The deluxe edition offers additional tracks like ‘Wish I Wasn’t Born Today,’ further enriching the experience. The World Tour edition includes a bonus disc featuring live performances. ‘The Paradigm Shift’ is a testament to Korn’s ability to evolve while staying true to their core identity, making it a significant entry in their discography.”


12. The Serenity of Suffering (2016)

“Released on October 21, 2016, ‘The Serenity of Suffering’ encapsulates Korn’s return to their heavy and emotionally charged roots. Produced by Nick Raskulinecz, the album features hard-hitting tracks like ‘Insane’ and ‘Rotting in Vain,’ demonstrating the band’s enduring intensity. ‘Black Is the Soul’ showcases a powerful fusion of melody and aggression, while ‘A Different World’ featuring Corey Taylor adds a dynamic edge. The album balances moments of vulnerability, as heard in ‘Take Me’ and ‘Please Come for Me.’ The deluxe edition includes additional tracks like ‘Baby’ and ‘Calling Me Too Soon,’ enriching the overall experience. ‘The Serenity of Suffering’ is a testament to Korn’s ability to deliver raw, unapologetic music that resonates with their devoted fanbase.”


13. The Nothing (2019)

“Released on September 13, 2019, ‘The Nothing’ is Korn’s thirteenth studio album. Helmed by producer Nick Raskulinecz, it’s a visceral journey through darkness and introspection. ‘Cold’ and ‘You’ll Never Find Me’ resonate with signature Korn intensity, showcasing the band’s mastery of heavy nu-metal. The haunting ‘Finally Free’ and the melodic ‘Can You Hear Me’ provide moments of respite. The album’s emotional depth is evident in tracks like ‘Gravity of Discomfort’ and ‘This Loss,’ where Jonathan Davis’ lyrics delve into themes of pain and despair. The record culminates with ‘Surrender to Failure,’ a poignant conclusion. ‘The Nothing’ is a testament to Korn’s enduring ability to channel raw emotion into their music, resulting in an album that’s both powerful and haunting.”


14. Requiem (2022)

“Released on February 4, 2022, ‘Requiem’ stands as Korn’s fourteenth studio album. Produced by Lauren Christy and Jasen Rauch, the album is a concise yet potent exploration of emotional turmoil. ‘Forgotten’ opens with an intense surge, setting the tone for the record’s visceral journey. Tracks like ‘Let the Dark Do the Rest’ and ‘Start the Healing’ carry a haunting yet cathartic weight. ‘Hopeless and Beaten’ and ‘Penance to Sorrow’ delve into the depths of despair with raw authenticity. The album culminates with ‘Worst Is on Its Way,’ delivering a sense of closure amidst the chaos. ‘Requiem’ showcases Korn’s enduring ability to channel raw emotion into their music, resulting in a powerful and cathartic listening experience.”


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How many albums does Korn have?

The discography of American nu metal band Korn consists of FOURTEEN studio albums, THREE live albums, EIGHT compilation albums, SEVEN video albums, THREE extended plays, FOURTY-SIX singles, TEN promotional singles and FIFTY-ONE music videos.


List of Korn Albums in Order of Release Date

The List of List of Korn Albums in Order of Release Here!

Studio albums:

1. Korn — October 11, 1994

2. Life Is Peachy — October 15, 1996

3. Follow the Leader — August 18, 1998

4. Issues — November 16, 1999

5. Untouchables — June 11, 2002

6. Take a Look in the Mirror — November 21, 2003

7. See You on the Other Side — December 6, 2005

8. Untitled album — July 31, 2007

9. Korn III: Remember Who You Are — July 13, 2010

10. The Path of Totality — December 2, 2011 (Europe), December 6, 2011 (US)

11. The Paradigm Shift — October 7, 2013 (UK), October 8, 2013 (US)

12. The Serenity of Suffering — October 21, 2016

13. The Nothing — September 13, 2019

14. Requiem — February 4, 2022


Live albums:

1. Live & Rare — May 9, 2006 (US)

2. MTV Unplugged — March 6, 2007 (US)

3. The Path of Totality Tour – Live at the Hollywood Palladium — September 4, 2012 (US)

4. Requiem Mass — February 3, 2023 (US)


Compilation albums:

1. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – October 5, 2004 (US)

2. Chopped, Screwed, Live and Unglued – September 26, 2006 (US)

3. Playlist: The Very Best of Korn April 29, 2008 (US)

4. Super Hits – February 24, 2009 (US)

5. Korn: Collected March 9, 2009 (US)

6. The Music of Korn September 29, 2009 (US)

7. The Essential Korn May 10, 2011 (US)

8. Falling Away from Me: The Best of Korn – October 24, 2011 (US)


Video albums:

1. Who Then Now? – March 18, 1997 (US)

2. Deuce – June 11, 2002 (US)

3. Live – November 19, 2002 (US)

4. Live on the Other Side – June 20, 2006 (US)

5. Chopped, Screwed, Live and Unglued September 26, 2006 (US)

6. Live at Montreux 2004 – May 13, 2008 (US)

7. The Path of Totality Tour – Live at the Hollywood Palladium – September 4, 2012 (US)


Extended plays:

1. All Mixed Up – February 9, 2001 (US)

2. The Other Side, Pt. 1 – October 25, 2005 (US)

3. The Other Side, Pt. 2 November 15, 2005 (US)

4. Digital EP #1 – September 28, 2009 (US)

5. Digital EP #2 – July 26, 2010 (US)

6. Digital EP #3  – December 13, 2010 (US)



Korn, the influential American nu metal band, has released a diverse discography since their formation in 1993. Starting with their eponymous debut in 1994, their sound evolved through albums like “Follow the Leader” (1998) and “Issues” (1999). They experimented with electronic elements in “The Path of Totality” (2011) and returned to their roots in “The Paradigm Shift” (2013). With powerful releases like “The Nothing” (2019) and “Requiem” (2022), Korn continues to showcase their enduring impact on the metal genre.

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