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The List of Kendrick Lamar Albums in Order of Release

Having sold over 70 million records in the United States alone, and all of his studio albums have been certified platinum or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is one of the best American rapper who has released five studio albums, one compilation album, one extended play (EP), five mixtapes, 65 singles (including 44 as a featured artist), and three promotional singles.

In an interview with Apple Music, Kendrick Lamar reflected on his 2015 album To Pimp a Butterfly—in particular, the song “Alright.” It wasn’t that it sold well (it did). It wasn’t that it won awards (it did). It wasn’t even that it broke new ground for where hip-hop might go. For Lamar, the success was that people sang it in the streets. “A lot of people don’t have voices out there,” he said. “So to see them actually express themselves through song, through lyrics that I wrote?” For a kid from Compton whose life was transformed by hip-hop, the fame was nice, but the singing, the spirit, the possibility that his music was opening a cultural inroad for people joining the fight for civil rights—that was real. He might’ve been writing alone. But he was speaking for many.

Born in 1987, Lamar grew up under the influence of JAY-Z, Eminem, and 2pac—for the wordplay, for the imagination, for the heart and sense of community. Given its popularity, Lamar’s music can be surprisingly dense, taking shape in winding, album-length narratives (good kid, m.A.A.d city), live-band hybrids of jazz and funk (To Pimp a Butterfly), and quasi-conceptual explorations of self (2017’s Pulitzer Prize-winning DAMN.). Yes, he wants greatness. But he wants it on his own terms. “I’m not doing it to have a good song,” he said. “Or one good rap. Or a good hook, or a good bridge. I want to keep doing it every time, period. And to do it every time you have to challenge yourself, and you have to confirm to yourself—not anybody else—that you’re the best.” So, if you are a die heart fan of Kendrick Lamar Albums then check out here we have list of Kendrick Lamar albums in order of release so far.


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All Kendrick Lamar Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Section.80 (2011)

Kendrick Lamar’s debut studio album, “Section.80”, was released in 2011 and marked a significant moment in the evolution of hip-hop. The album is a concept project that explores the experiences and struggles of young Black Americans, particularly those of Lamar’s generation, who grew up in poverty and faced systemic oppression.

The album’s production features a fusion of jazz, soul, and funk elements, providing a rich and textured soundscape that complements Lamar’s powerful lyrics. Songs like “HiiiPower” and “A.D.H.D.” tackle issues such as police brutality, materialism, and drug addiction, while tracks like “No Make-Up (Her Vice)” and “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” delve into the complexities of love and relationships in the midst of struggle.

“Section.80” solidified Lamar’s reputation as a socially conscious artist who could capture the essence of his community through his music. The album received critical acclaim and helped set the stage for Lamar’s subsequent releases, which would continue to explore themes of race, identity, and justice in America.


2. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (2012)

Released in 2012, “good kid, m.A.A.d city” is Kendrick Lamar’s second studio album and is widely regarded as a hip-hop classic. The album tells the story of Lamar’s upbringing in Compton, California, where gang violence, poverty, and drug use were prevalent. Through the album’s narrative structure, Lamar weaves together a series of personal vignettes that explore themes of identity, family, faith, and survival.

Musically, “good kid, m.A.A.d city” is a seamless blend of old-school hip-hop and innovative production. Lamar’s flow is at its most fluid and intricate, and he showcases his ability to switch between singing and rapping effortlessly. The album features standout tracks such as “Swimming Pools (Drank)”, “Poetic Justice”, and “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, which all became hits.

Ultimately, “good kid, m.A.A.d city” is a masterpiece of storytelling and an exploration of the complexities of growing up in a harsh environment. It cemented Kendrick Lamar’s status as one of the most important voices in modern hip-hop and remains a seminal work in the genre to this day.


3. To Pimp a Butterfly (2015)

Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” is a socially conscious masterpiece that examines the Black experience in America. The album features a diverse range of musical styles, from jazz and funk to spoken word and poetry, creating a complex and layered sonic landscape that mirrors the complexity of the album’s themes.

Lamar’s lyrics on “To Pimp a Butterfly” are both introspective and political, delving into issues of race, poverty, and police brutality. The album’s standout tracks include “Alright,” a powerful anthem of resilience and hope in the face of systemic oppression, and “The Blacker the Berry,” a scathing critique of racism and self-hatred within the Black community.

“To Pimp a Butterfly” received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, with many critics hailing it as a groundbreaking work of art. The album’s impact on the music industry has been profound, with its themes and messages inspiring a new generation of socially conscious hip-hop artists.


4. Damn (2017)

Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album, “DAMN.”, released in 2017, is a powerful and introspective exploration of the complexities of the Black experience in America. The album features a diverse range of production styles, from the hard-hitting beats of “DNA.” to the soulful and jazz-influenced “PRIDE.”

Throughout the album, Lamar grapples with issues such as faith, love, and the struggles of success, all while commenting on larger societal issues such as police brutality and systemic racism. The standout track “HUMBLE.” became an instant hit and earned Lamar a Grammy award for Best Rap Performance.

“DAMN.” is a testament to Lamar’s lyrical and musical prowess, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend different styles and genres while maintaining a consistent and powerful message. It cements his place as one of the most important voices in hip-hop today and solidifies his legacy as a true artist who isn’t afraid to speak his truth.


5. Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers (2022)

When Kendrick Lamar popped up on two tracks from Baby Keem’s The Melodic Blue (“range brothers” and “family ties”), it felt like one of hip-hop’s prophets had descended a mountain to deliver scripture. His verses were stellar, to be sure, but it also just felt like way too much time had passed since we’d heard his voice. He’d helmed 2018’s Black Panther compilation/soundtrack, but his last proper release was 2017’s DAMN. That kind of scarcity in hip-hop can only serve to deify an artist as beloved as Lamar. But if the Compton MC is broadcasting anything across his fifth proper album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, it’s that he’s only human.

The project is split into two parts, each comprising nine songs, all of which serve to illuminate Lamar’s continually evolving worldview. Central to Lamar’s thesis is accountability. The MC has painstakingly itemized his shortcomings, assessing his relationships with money (“United in Grief”), white women (“Worldwide Steppers”), his father (“Father Time”), the limits of his loyalty (“Rich Spirit”), love in the context of heteronormative relationships (“We Cry Together,” “Purple Hearts”), motivation (“Count Me Out”), responsibility (“Crown”), gender (“Auntie Diaries”), and generational trauma (“Mother I Sober”). It’s a dense and heavy listen. But just as sure as Kendrick Lamar is human like the rest of us, he’s also a Pulitzer Prize winner, one of the most thoughtful MCs alive, and someone whose honesty across Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers could help us understand why any of us are the way we are.


All Kendrick Lamar Compilation Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Untitled Unmastered

Kendrick Lamar’s “Untitled Unmastered” album is a collection of previously unreleased demos and unfinished tracks that were recorded during the sessions for his Grammy-winning album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” The album features eight tracks, each titled with a date range that corresponds to the time period in which the song was created.

Despite being unfinished, the tracks on “Untitled Unmastered” showcase Lamar’s incredible talent as a rapper and producer, with a mix of soulful jazz-inspired beats and socially conscious lyrics. The album explores themes of racial inequality, police brutality, and self-reflection, providing a raw and unfiltered glimpse into Lamar’s creative process.

“Untitled Unmastered” was a critical success, with many praising Lamar’s ability to turn incomplete ideas into cohesive and thought-provoking tracks. The album further solidified Lamar’s place as one of the most innovative and important voices in contemporary hip-hop, and stands as a testament to his artistic vision and uncompromising dedication to exploring important issues through his music.


All Kendrick Lamar Soundtrack Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Black Panther: The Album

Kendrick Lamar’s “Black Panther: The Album” is a groundbreaking work of art that served as the official soundtrack for the Marvel film “Black Panther”. As the executive producer of the album, Lamar masterfully blended elements of hip-hop, R&B, and African music to create a sonic journey that perfectly complements the film’s themes of black pride, identity, and resistance.

Featuring collaborations with some of the most talented and innovative artists in the music industry, including SZA, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott, “Black Panther: The Album” seamlessly weaves together a diverse range of styles and sounds. Standout tracks like “All the Stars” and “Pray for Me” showcase Lamar’s ability to craft powerful and socially conscious lyrics that resonate with audiences around the world.

Overall, “Black Panther: The Album” is a testament to Kendrick Lamar’s artistic vision and his commitment to using music as a platform for social and political commentary. It’s a must-listen for anyone who wants to experience the intersection of music, culture, and activism.


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All Kendrick Lamar Albums in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Kendrick Lamar Albums in Order of Release Date:

Studio albums:

1. Section.80 — July 2, 2011

2. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City — October 22, 2012

3. To Pimp a Butterfly — March 16, 2015

4. Damn — April 14, 2017

5. Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers — May 13, 2022


Compilation albums:

1. Untitled Unmastered — March 4, 2016


Soundtrack albums:

1. Black Panther: The Album — February 9, 2018



Kendrick Lamar’s discography is a powerful exploration of the Black experience in America, and his unique blend of conscious lyrics, social commentary, and innovative production has solidified his place as one of the most important artists of his generation. From the introspective musings of “good kid, m.A.A.d city” to the explosive and politically charged “To Pimp a Butterfly” and “DAMN.”, Lamar has consistently pushed the boundaries of hip-hop and challenged listeners to engage with important issues. With numerous Grammy awards, critical acclaim, and a devoted fanbase, Kendrick Lamar’s impact on the music industry is undeniable.

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