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Finn Wolfhard Movies and TV Shows: A multifaceted talent who effortlessly bridges the realms of acting and music, Finn Wolfhard, born on December 23, 2002, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Hailing from Canada, he has carved his path as a prominent actor and musician. Renowned for his portrayal of Mike Wheeler in the captivating Netflix series “Stranger Things” (2016–present), Wolfhard’s acting prowess became evident early on.

Beyond the gripping world of Hawkins, he delved into the horror genre, embodying Richie Tozier in the spine-chilling film “It” (2017) and its equally haunting sequel “It: Chapter Two” (2019). Stepping into the realm of the supernatural, he continued to captivate audiences with his role in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” (2021). Notably, Wolfhard expanded his creative horizons by venturing into directing, marking his debut with the comedic short film “Night Shifts” (2020). As a musician, he showcased his musical talents as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Calpurnia and later became a member of The Aubreys in 2020. With a diverse portfolio under his belt, Finn Wolfhard continues to be a standout figure in both the entertainment and music industries.


Overview for All Finn Wolfhard Movies and TV Shows

Finn Wolfhard’s journey into the world of acting took an unconventional start when he secured his first role through Craigslist. His debut came in 2014 when he portrayed Zoran in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series “The 100.” The following year, he ventured into the supernatural genre, appearing as Jordie Pinsky in “Supernatural.”

However, it was in 2016 that Wolfhard’s career skyrocketed as he embodied the character Mike Wheeler in the acclaimed Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Interestingly, he clinched the role after responding to an open casting call with a video audition. His exceptional performance led to a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, which he shared with his fellow cast members. Notably, he showcased his fun side by participating in Spike’s Lip Sync Battle against his co-stars.

Wolfhard’s cinematic presence blossomed with his portrayal of Richie Tozier in the 2017 film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It.” The young actor’s involvement in both “Stranger Things” and “It,” set in the ’80s, was an uncanny coincidence. His dedication to his craft was evident when he re-auditioned for the role of Richie after director changes.

Beyond these iconic roles, Wolfhard directed his first music video, co-directed with Josh Ovalle, and marked his feature film debut as Richie Tozier. He explored animation through the Netflix series “Carmen Sandiego,” and his modeling debut showcased his versatility. From reprising roles in sequels to lending his voice to various projects, Wolfhard’s talents continued to shine.

His directorial ambitions came to fruition with the release of his comedy short film “Night Shifts.” Wolfhard’s ascent continued with roles in diverse productions like “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio.” With an impressive resume that combines both television and film, Wolfhard has established himself as a multi-talented performer with a promising future ahead.

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All Finn Wolfhard Movies in Order of Release

List of Finn Wolfhard ‘s Movies:

Year Title Role
2017 It Richie Tozier
Dog Days Tyler
Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness Herbert West (voice)
It Chapter Two
Young Richie Tozier
The Goldfinch
Young Boris Pavlikovsky
The Addams Family Pugsley Addams (voice)
The Turning Miles Fairchild
Omniboat: A Fast Boat Fantasia
Night Shifts
How It Ends Ezra
Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Trevor Spengler
When You Finish Saving the World Ziggy
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Candlewick (voice)
Hell of a Summer 
2024 Untitled Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel
Trevor Spengler
TBA The Legend of Ochi 

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All Finn Wolfhard TV shows in Order of Release

List of Finn Wolfhard ‘s Shows:

Year Title Role
2014 The 100 Zoran
2015 Supernatural Jordie Pinsky
2016–present Stranger Things Mike Wheeler
Young Math Legends Young Gauss
Lip Sync Battle Himself
Carmen Sandiego Player (voice)
Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal Player (voice)
Smiling Friends
Man Living in Wall / Bliblie (voice)
JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales
Boypunzel / Manpunzel (voice)
Home Movie: The Princess Bride Inigo Montoya
2021 Duncanville
Jeremy/Norman (voice)
TBA NEW-GEN  TBA (voice)


Finn Wolfhard’s journey through a multitude of movies and TV shows showcases his remarkable versatility and undeniable talent. From his unconventional start via Craigslist to his iconic portrayal of Mike Wheeler in “Stranger Things,” and his roles in adaptations like “It” and “The Goldfinch,” Wolfhard has proven his acting prowess. His foray into directing and voice acting further solidify his creative range. With each project, he continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Finn Wolfhard’s impressive filmography is a testament to his dedication, making him a prominent and promising figure in Hollywood.

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