Charlie Puth Albums in Order

The List of Charlie Puth Albums in Order of Release Date

Having sold over 3 million albums, including 2 million in the United States, Charlie Puth is one of the most successful singer-songwriter. He has released three studio albums, four extended plays, one video album, 29 singles, eight promotional singles, and 34 music videos.

Put a piano in front of Charlie Puth and the soul-pop crooner will come up with a hitmaking hook in a heartbeat. Born in 1991, the New Jersey-raised talent took to the keys early, thanks to his mother, who began teaching him piano at age four. By 10, he was studying jazz; at 12, he discovered the power of his voice: “I would go to church and hear the same hymnals and gospel songs,” he told Apple Music. “I totally attribute my absolute pitch to church music.” A decade later, Puth earned a degree in music production and engineering from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, but by then, he was already a viral video star and a signee to talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres’ label eleveneleven.

He eventually signed with Atlantic and co-wrote and co-produced two major collaborations: the swaying doo-wop bop “Marvin Gaye” with Meghan Trainor and the powerful Wiz Khalifa team-up “See You Again,” which became one of 2015’s defining hits. On his 2016 debut album, Nine Track Mind, Puth showed off more sleek pop prowess with “One Call Away” and the Selena Gomez-featuring “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” He’d stretch his range—and Rolodex—even further on 2018’s Voicenotes, a thrilling set of bass-driven R&B and electro-funk that includes co-writes with Hall & Oates and James Taylor, duets with Boyz II Men and Kehlani, and international smash “Attention.” Topping it all off is that soothingly supple falsetto, which allows Puth—the ultimate hopeless romantic—to translate anything into love. So, if you are a die heart fan of Charlie Puth Albums then check out here we have list of Charlie Puth albums in order of release so far.


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List of Charlie Puth Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Nine Track Mind (2016)

Charlie Puth’s debut studio album, “Nine Track Mind,” released in 2016, showcases the talented singer-songwriter’s captivating musical abilities and heartfelt lyricism. With a distinct blend of pop, R&B, and soul influences, Puth delivers a collection of tracks that are both catchy and emotionally resonant.

The album features Puth’s breakthrough hit, “See You Again” featuring Wiz Khalifa, which gained massive popularity and became an anthem of remembrance and loss. Other notable tracks include the soulful “One Call Away” and the infectious “Marvin Gaye” featuring Meghan Trainor, both of which exhibit Puth’s knack for crafting melodic hooks.

“Nine Track Mind” is characterized by its polished production, showcasing Puth’s rich vocals and impressive piano skills. His introspective and heartfelt lyrics explore themes of love, relationships, and personal growth, creating a relatable and honest connection with the listeners.

Overall, Charlie Puth’s “Nine Track Mind” is a promising debut album that displays his undeniable talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician. With its catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, it solidifies Puth as an artist to watch in the pop music landscape.


2. Voicenotes (2018)

Charlie Puth’s album “Voicenotes,” released in 2018, showcases the singer-songwriter’s exceptional talent and versatility as an artist. With a blend of pop, R&B, and soul influences, Puth delivers a collection of catchy and heartfelt tracks that captivate listeners from start to finish.

“Voicenotes” explores themes of love, relationships, and self-discovery, with Puth’s signature heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals. The album’s production is polished and modern, incorporating elements of electronic music while maintaining a soulful essence. Standout tracks like “Attention” and “How Long” showcase Puth’s ability to craft infectious melodies and deliver them with an undeniable charisma.

Puth’s songwriting prowess shines throughout the album, as he delves into personal experiences and emotions, creating a relatable and introspective journey for the listeners. “Voicenotes” not only solidifies Puth’s place as a talented musician but also reveals his growth as an artist, displaying his musical maturity and ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level.


3. Charlie (2022)

Charlie Puth’s highly anticipated album “Charlie” (2022) is a captivating musical journey that showcases the artist’s undeniable talent and creativity. This album effortlessly combines pop, R&B, and soul elements, creating a sound that is uniquely Charlie Puth.

With “Charlie,” Puth dives deep into personal experiences and emotions, delivering heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners. The album features a collection of introspective tracks such as : “Light Switch”, “That’s Hilarious”, “Left and Right” with Jungkook of BTS, “Smells Like Me”, “I Don’t Think That I Like Her”, “Charlie Be Quiet!” and “Loser” that explore themes of love, self-discovery, and growth. Puth’s soulful vocals are accompanied by mesmerizing melodies and infectious beats, creating an immersive sonic experience.

Each song on the album demonstrates Puth’s meticulous attention to detail and his ability to craft catchy hooks that stay with you long after the music stops. From the upbeat and infectious tracks to the vulnerable and introspective ballads, “Charlie” is a testament to Puth’s versatility as an artist.

Overall, “Charlie” is a compelling album that showcases Charlie Puth’s evolution as a musician and solidifies his place in the music industry. It is a must-listen for fans and a perfect introduction to the captivating world of Charlie Puth for newcomers alike.


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How many albums does Charlie Puth have?

American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth has released THREE studio albums, FOUR extended plays, ONE video album, TWENTY-NINE singles, EIGHT promotional singles, and THIRTY-FOUR music videos.


All Charlie Puth Albums in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Charlie Puth Album in Order of Release Date:

Studio Albums:

1. Nine Track Mind — January 29, 2016

2. Voicenotes — May 11, 2018

3. Charlie — October 7, 2022


Video Albums:

Apple Music Festival: London — October 15, 2015



Charlie Puth’s discography is a testament to his musical prowess and evolving artistry. From his debut album “Nine Track Mind” to the critically acclaimed “Voicenotes,” and his latest project “Charli,” Puth has consistently delivered captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Each album showcases his growth as a songwriter and his ability to craft infectious pop hits. With an impressive vocal range and undeniable talent, Charlie Puth continues to leave a lasting impression on the music industry.

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