Has Fallen Movie Series

Experience heart-pounding action with Gerard Butler as Agent Mike Banning in the 'Has Fallen' series. Despite mixed reviews, it has earned $523M globally.

Do you need to watch Has Fallen in order?

Watching 'Has Fallen' films in order enhances the story continuity, but each movie stands alone as an action-packed thriller.

1. Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Enter the high-stakes world of 'Olympus Has Fallen,' where a daring North Korean attack on the White House sets the stage for Agent Mike Banning's heroic mission.

2. London Has Fallen (2016)

Continuing the adrenaline-pumping saga, 'London Has Fallen' thrusts Agent Mike Banning into a deadly race to thwart a global assassination plot during a world leader's funeral.

3. Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Prepare for relentless action in 'Angel Has Fallen,' as Agent Mike Banning fights to prove his innocence amid a dangerous conspiracy.

Will there be a 4th Mike Banning movie?

Exciting news for fans: Expect three more thrilling Mike Banning movies, as Gerard Butler commits to the film series.

Where to watch All 3 Has Fallen in order?

Catch the complete Has Fallen series, including Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, and Angel Has Fallen, on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube.