Infinity Stones

In the vast expanse of the universe, six enigmatic gems hold unimaginable power—the Infinity Stones. Their tale begins, weaving destinies and igniting a cosmic journey of epic proportions.

1. Space Stone – Tesseract

The Space Stone grants the power to generate portals for teleportation. Its hue is a mesmerizing blue. It resides in the middle finger of the Infinity/Nano Gauntlet, enclosed within the Tesseract. It made its debut appearance in Thor.

2. Mind Stone - Scepter

The Mind Stone grants control over minds, intelligence enhancement, and life creation. Its yellow hue gleams on the Nano Gauntlet's backhand. First seen in Loki's scepter, it later powers Vision's forehead in The Avengers.

3. Reality Stone - Aether

The Reality Stone, represented by a crimson hue, grants its wielder the power to manipulate reality itself. It resided in the Aether and was first introduced in "Thor: The Dark World," fitting into the Nano Gauntlet on the ring finger.

4. Power Stone - Orb

The Power Stone, a purple Orb, grants the wielder the ability to manipulate energy and enhances their strength. It rests on the Infinity/Nano Gauntlet's index finger and first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.

5. Time Stone - Eye of Agamotto

The Power Stone grants control over time. Its color is green, and it fits on the Nano Gauntlet's thumb. Originating from the Eye of Agamotto, it first appeared in Doctor Strange.

6. Soul Stone - Vormir's Sacrifice

The Power Stone, glowing orange, grants the wielder dominion over souls and essence. Its location, set in the Nano Gauntlet's Pinky, necessitates Vormir's Sacrifice to obtain. First seen in Avengers: Infinity War.