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How to Watch Skyline Movies in Order [Chronologically and By Release Date]

 Skyline Movies in Order: An Alien always makes for a terrific movie hook, whether it’s a world where they’re running rampant like in Guardians of the Galaxy or a world where they’re literally hunting us out one by one, like in the entire Alien film Series.

As success stories go, the Skyline franchise is both a fluke and an innovator. The series began with 2010’s Skyline, helmed by Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem directors Greg and Colin Strause, and while the movie found box office success and featured an excellent cliffhanger ending, it didn’t make an impact on the level that would suggest that a sprawling saga of humans versus aliens had just begun.

Based on an original story by Joshua Cordes & Liam O’Donnell, the series centers around a global alien invasion and the uprise of mankind to fight back and save humanity. The series implements various genres within each installment. So Skyline Movies in Order to watch, usually a solid bet if you’re in the mood for a glimpse into a world that’s either somewhat or radically different from our own.


All Skyline Movies in Chronological Order to Watch

1. Skyline (2010)

Skyline, an effects-laden thriller from directors Colin and Greg Strause, wears its various influences–films like Alien, District 9, Independence Day, and War of the Worlds–on its sleeve, but even if it doesn’t measure up to those predecessors, the film offers enough thrills and action to keep sci-fi fans interested.

In the film, After a late-night party, a group of friends is arrives two hours early in the form of a haunting light from an unknown source, a group of friends watch in terror as people across the city are drawn outside and swept into massive alien ships that have blotted out the L.A. skyline. From tankers to drones and hydra-like extraterrestrials, the aliens are inescapable and seemingly indestructible. Now, it will take every survival instinct the group has to elude capture in this riveting, action-packed sci-fi adventure.


2. Beyond Skyline (2017)

When part of the Earth’s population is sucked off the face of the planet by a mysterious alien airship, taking place at the same time as Skyline, Los Angeles Detective Mark Corley embarks on a mission to rescue his estranged son after an alien warship wipes the population of LA off the planet. He is able to crash the ship in Southeast Asia where with the help of an unlikely ally they rescue several abductees and work towards claiming planet earth for humankind once and for all.


3. Skylines (2020)

Picking up shortly after the previous film, a virus threatens to turn the now earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Captain Rose Corley, a hybrid human-alien military-trained mercenary, is tasked with a new mission: to fly to the aliens’ originating planet called Cobalt 1 to prevent some evil aliens from unleashing a deadly virus intent on eradicating everyone on Earth. Rose is given 12 hours to fulfill the mission, or else London would be the first to be destroyed by the threat. 


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How many Skyline movies are there?

Skyline film series consists of Three (3) films, centers around a global alien invasion and the uprise of mankind to fight back and save humanity.


All Skyline Movies in Order of Release Date

Here is the List of Skyline movie series in order, they were released.

1. Skyline — November 12, 2010

2. Beyond Skyline — December 15, 2017

3. Skylines — December 18, 2020


What is the order of the Skyline trilogy?

Order of the Skyline trilogy: Skyline (2010), Beyond Skyline (2014) and 3. Skylines (2020)


Will there be a 4th Skyline movie?

In May 2022, it was announced Screen Media had acquired the international rights to the fourth Skyline film, titled Skyline Radial.  The film will be released in 2025.


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