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The List of Seventeen Albums in Order of Release Date

Having sold over 15 million copies worldwide, Seventeen is a “self-producing” idol group, four studio albums, three reissues, one compilation album, 12 extended plays, and 21 singles Since Debut.

SEVENTEEN cultivated their steady rise to the top of South Korea’s charts by providing fans with behind-the-scenes access to the supersized boy band’s artistic process. In 2013, while being groomed by management firm Pledis Entertainment, SEVENTEEN first appeared in an online show that depicted the group’s 13 members—often divided into hip-hop, vocal, and performance subunits—rehearsing and performing largely self-written and -choreographed material. After Pledis officially took the group under its wing, the 2015 reality-TV series Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan concluded with an hour-long live showcase on a major broadcast channel.

The promotional event set the stage for their first EP, 17 Carat, which provided the SEVENTEEN fan community, Carats, with its name; outlasted every K-pop entry to date on American charts; and offered up an irresistible centerpiece, “Adore U.” The band easily fill their epic three-hour concerts with super-tight choreography, constantly unfolding stories about their members and material for every taste: Piano ballads (“Say Yes”), electro hip-hop (“Fronting”), and hard-hitting Auto-Tuned dance pop (“Hit) are all on tap. After topping South Korean charts with their first three albums, SEVENTEEN documented their 2019 Ode to You tour with Hit the Road, a YouTube documentary series that once again invited fans to their virtual backstage. Audience engagement is table stakes for K-pop success, and in 2020—after their EP Heng:garæ sold a million copies its first week—the incendiary single “Left & Right” yet again drew fans into SEVENTEEN’s process with a global TikTok dance challenge. So, if you are a die heart fan of Seventeen Albums then check out here we have list of Seventeen albums in order of release so far.


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All Seventeen Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Love & Letter (2016)

Love & Letter is the first full-length studio album by the South Korean boy band Seventeen, released on April 25, 2016, by Pledis Entertainment. The album features 10 tracks, including the lead single “Pretty U,” a bright and cheerful pop song with catchy hooks and harmonies that became a commercial success.

The album showcases Seventeen’s diverse musical style, incorporating elements of pop, R&B, hip hop, and EDM, and highlighting the group’s vocal and rap skills. The tracks vary in tempo and mood, from the upbeat and energetic “Adore U” to the introspective ballad “Say Yes.”

Love & Letter also includes a special repackage edition, which features five additional tracks, including “Very Nice,” another upbeat and infectious pop song that further solidified Seventeen’s popularity.

Overall, Love & Letter is a solid debut album that showcases Seventeen’s musical talent and versatility, and remains a fan-favorite among the group’s extensive discography.


2. Teen, Age (2017)

Seventeen’s Teen, Age album, released in 2017, is a perfect representation of the group’s diverse musical styles and talents. The album consists of 13 tracks that showcase their strong vocal abilities, impressive rap verses, and impressive dance moves.

The title track, “Clap,” is a catchy and upbeat song with a dynamic choreography that perfectly showcases the group’s dance skills. Other notable tracks on the album include “Don’t Wanna Cry,” a sentimental ballad that showcases the group’s emotional range, and “Lilili Yabbay,” a high-energy song with a powerful rap section.

The album’s concept revolves around the transition from adolescence to adulthood, with each song exploring different themes related to this journey. The members of Seventeen were heavily involved in the creation and production of the album, demonstrating their artistic creativity and dedication to their craft.

Overall, Teen, Age is an impressive album that solidified Seventeen’s status as one of K-pop’s most talented and dynamic groups.


3. An Ode (2019)

Seventeen’s “An Ode” is a critically acclaimed album released in 2019 that showcases the K-pop group’s versatility and growth as artists. The album features a mix of different genres, including EDM, pop, and hip-hop, with lyrics that touch on various themes such as love, self-reflection, and societal issues.

One of the standout tracks is “Fear,” which explores the fears and anxieties that come with growing up and facing the uncertainties of the future. Another notable song is “Snap Shoot,” a catchy EDM-infused track with lyrics that express the desire to capture and hold onto precious moments.

Seventeen’s vocal and rap abilities are showcased throughout the album, particularly in songs like “Lie Again” and “Second Life,” which highlight the group’s emotional range and dynamic performances.

Overall, “An Ode” is a solid addition to Seventeen’s discography and a testament to the group’s continued growth and evolution as artists.


4. Face the Sun (2022)

The fourth full-length from veteran K-pop group SEVENTEEN is the product of a confident group discovering their sound and pushing boundaries as they evolve. It’s also the 13-member boy band’s most romantically inclined release to date.

The charming pop-rock of English-language opener “Darl+ing” fills a One Direction-shaped hole in the boy band space, without sacrificing SEVENTEEN’s classic charms (an ascending pre-chorus, impeccable harmonies). “HOT” switches gears entirely–it’s hard-hitting hip-hop, setting the tone for a track like “Shadow”, an acoustic ballad with synth-rap detours. They’re never sounded stronger–or more in love.


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List of Seventeen Albums in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Seventeen Album in Order of Release Date:

Studio Albums:

1. Love & Letter — April 25, 2016

2. Teen, Age — November 6, 2017

3. An Ode — September 16, 2019

4. Face the Sun — May 27, 2022


Compilation albums:

1. 17 Hits — October 16, 2016


Extended plays: (Korean)

1. 17 Carat — May 29, 2015

2. Boys Be — September 10, 2015

3. Going Seventeen — December 5, 2016

4. Al1 — May 22, 2017

5. You Make My Day — July 16, 2018

6. You Made My Dawn — January 21, 2019

7. Heng:garæ — June 22, 2020

8. Semicolon — October 19, 2020

9. Your Choice — June 18, 2021

10. Attacca — October 22, 2021


Extended plays: (Japanese)

1. We Make You — May 30, 2018

2. 24H — September 9, 2020

3. Dream — November 9, 2022



Seventeen is a South Korean boy band known for their energetic performances and dynamic music style. With numerous albums released since their debut in 2015, the group has solidified their position as one of the leading acts in K-pop. From their early releases, such as “17 Carat” and “Boys Be,” to their more recent works like “An Ode” and “Your Choice,” Seventeen has consistently demonstrated their musical versatility and growth. Their discography showcases a diverse range of genres, including EDM, hip-hop, and ballads, and each album highlights the group’s unique charms and talents. Overall, Seventeen’s albums are a testament to their artistry and dedication, and a must-listen for any K-pop fan.

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