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How to Watch Pearl Movies in Order [Chronologically]

Pearl Movies in Order: Pearl, the enigmatic and haunted protagonist of Ti West’s slasher-horror saga, emerges from the shadows with an unsettling allure, her twisted journey from the prequel ‘Pearl’ to the original film ‘X’ weaving a chilling tapestry that captures the essence of terror and transcends the boundaries of horror.

in this blogpost, “Pearl Movies in Order” explores the fascinating journey of Pearl, a fictional character from the X film series portrayed by Mia Goth. Pearl first appears as a sinister figure in “X” (2022), where she and her husband, Howard, live on a secluded farm in 1979 Texas. Their encounter with a group of young filmmakers sets off a series of violent events driven by Pearl’s envy and unfulfilled desires. The character’s backstory is further unraveled in the prequel “Pearl” (2022), set in 1918, which delves into her early life on her family’s homestead. The film reveals her escalating psychopathy and tragic quest for a better life, shedding light on the complexities that shaped her.

By examining these films in chronological order, we gain a deeper understanding of Pearl’s motivations and the haunting legacy of her actions, offering a comprehensive look at one of contemporary horror’s most intriguing characters.

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How to watch Pearl in chronological order?

To watch the Pearl movies in chronological order, you should follow the timeline of the story rather than the release dates of the films. Here’s the order based on the events depicted:

  1. “Pearl” (2022): This prequel film is set in 1918 and provides the backstory of Pearl in her 20s. It explores her descent into psychopathy and her desperate aspirations to escape her oppressive life.
  2. “X” (2022): This film is set in 1979 and follows Pearl as an elderly woman living with her husband, Howard, on their farm in Texas.
  3. “MaXXXine” (2024): Finish with “MaXXXine,” the direct sequel to “X,” set in the 1980s. Although Pearl does not appear, this film continues the storyline with Maxine Minx, another character played by Mia Goth, as she pursues fame in Hollywood while being targeted by a new killer.

By watching the films in this order, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Pearl’s evolution from a young woman with dreams to the elderly antagonist in “X,” and finally see the continuation of the series through Maxine’s perspective in “MaXXXine.”

How to Watch Pearl in Order Event

1. Pearl (2022)

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“Pearl” (2022), a prequel to “X” (2022) and the second installment in the X film series, serves as an origin story for the titular villain. Set in 1918, the film follows young Pearl, who lives with her parents on their Texas farm while her husband Howard serves in World War I. With her father paralyzed and her mother Ruth enforcing strict isolation due to the Spanish flu pandemic, Pearl dreams of escaping to become a star. Ruth disapproves, causing tension. Pearl secretly displays signs of psychopathy, abusing her father and killing animals. An encounter with a projectionist fuels her dreams, but familial conflicts escalate. After a series of violent events and a failed audition, Pearl’s mental state deteriorates, leading to tragic outcomes that set the stage for her dark future.


2. X (2022)

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“X” (2022) is a slasher film written, directed, produced, and edited by Ti West, starring Mia Goth in dual roles as Maxine and an elderly Pearl. Set in 1979, the story begins with police discovering numerous dead bodies on a remote Texas farm. The previous day, aspiring adult film star Maxine and her crew arrive at the farm to shoot a pornographic film. The elderly owners, Howard and Pearl, disapprove, especially as Pearl becomes fixated on Maxine, who resembles her younger self. As night falls, Pearl’s obsession turns deadly, leading to a series of brutal murders driven by envy, desire, and violence.


3. MaXXXine (2024)

“MaXXXine” (2024), the third installment in the X film series and a direct sequel to “X” (2022), continues the chilling narrative crafted by Ti West. The film stars Mia Goth, reprising her role as Maxine Minx, who, after surviving the brutal massacre orchestrated by Pearl in Texas, now pursues her dreams of fame and success in 1980s Hollywood. As Maxine navigates the treacherous landscape of Los Angeles, she becomes the target of a new threat: the Night Stalker. Premiering at the TCL Chinese Theatre and set for release by A24, “MaXXXine” promises a thrilling continuation of this dark saga.

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How many Pearl Movies are there?

Based on the information provided, there are two movies focused specifically on the character Pearl in the X film series:

  • Pearl (2022): A prequel set in 1918 that explores Pearl’s early life.
  • X (2022): Set in 1979, where Pearl appears as an elderly antagonist.

Additionally, while not centered on Pearl, the third movie in the series, MaXXXine (2024), continues the overall narrative but focuses on Maxine Minx, another character played by Mia Goth.

All Pearl Movies in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Pearl films in order of release:

1. X — March 18, 2022

2. Pearl — September 16, 2022

3. MaXXXine — July 5, 2024

These movies should be watched in this order to follow their release timeline and understand how the series and its characters developed over time.


In conclusion, the X film series, spearheaded by Ti West, offers a gripping exploration of the character Pearl through its meticulously crafted timeline. Starting with “X” (2022), we meet Pearl as a menacing elderly woman, setting the stage for the violence and horror that ensues on her secluded farm. The prequel, “Pearl” (2022), takes us back to 1918, providing a deep dive into her formative years and the dark path she eventually takes. Finally, “MaXXXine” (2024) shifts the focus to Maxine Minx, another character portrayed by Mia Goth, as she navigates the treacherous landscape of 1980s Hollywood while evading a new threat. By watching these films in their release order, viewers can fully appreciate the evolution of Pearl’s character and the intricate storytelling that ties these narratives together. Whether you’re a horror aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, the X film series promises a chilling and unforgettable cinematic experience.

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