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How to Watch Lake Placid Movies in Order

Lake Placid Movies in Order: Just like— Jaws, Lake Placid, Piranha—Anaconda—The only thing more monstrous than this collection is the 30-foot man-eating crocodile terrorizing residents of Maine. It is an action-packed thriller film series based on man-eating animals & monsters— revolves around the presence of a giant, 30-foot-long man-eating crocodiles in the fictional location of Black Lake, Maine, and the efforts of various groups to capture or destroy the creatures. All of the films (except for Legacy) reference members of the fictitious “Bickerman” family. So if you are a lover of the thrilling adventure of 30-foot-long giant monsters, then Watch these Lake Placid Movies in Order as mentioned below.


All Lake Placid Film Series Movies in Order to Watch

1. Lake Placid (1999)

Welcome to Black Lake. Its placid waters compliment the pristine Maine wilderness it borders. This tranquil setting is probably the last place you’d expect a gruesome fatality. But then it’s also the last place you’d expect to find a 30-foot, narrow-snouted, multi-toothed, reptile of the species Crocodylus–an eating machine more commonly known as a crocodile. It is at this lake where an emotionally fragile, nature-phobic, New York paleontologist who’s been reluctantly dispatched for her first real field assignment, teams up with an eccentric billionaire to find this menace.


2. Lake Placid 2 (2007)

Lake Placid 2

A sequel to Lake Placid (1999) and the second installment in the Lake Placid film series, telling the story of man-eating crocodiles who terrorize the local community. In the film, when a man is eaten alive by an unknown creature, the local Game Warden teams up with a paleontologist from New York to find the beast. Add to the mix an eccentric philanthropist with a penchant for “Crocs”, and here we go! This quiet, remote lake is suddenly the focus of an intense search for a crocodile with a taste for live animals…and people!


3. Lake Placid 3 (2010)

In a sequel to Lake Placid 2 (2007) and the third installment in the Lake Placid film series. Monstrous crocodiles terrorize a serene country lake, leading to a bloody showdown as a wildlife scientist, local sheriff and feisty female hunter converge to take these predators down. In the film, a game warden moves his family to Lake Placid, once the site of deadly crocodile attacks. Locals assure him the crocs are gone, but his mischievous young son finds a few baby crocs and begins feeding them. They quickly grow into very big adults and start attacking the game warden’s family and nearby town.


4. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012)

Lake Placid

In a sequel to Lake Placid 3 (2010) and the fourth installment in the Lake Placid film series, the crocs are back… and they’re the last serving of hysterical horror in a finale that shows terror is best served raw. Reba the poacher is back, now an EPA agent. Black Lake is turned into a crocodile sanctuary surrounded by an electric fence. When the fence gets left open one night, a high-school field trip bus unknowingly enters the park. It’s up to Reba and the sheriff to save the kids from becoming crocodile chow.


5. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015)

Anacondas large enough to crush an SUV. Crocodiles are strong enough to leap onto speedboats. When they’re not hunting for human prey, they’re more than willing to take on each other. Get ready for a non-stop bloodbath, unlike anything you’ve seen before in this heart-pounding battle between mutated crocodiles and genetically engineered anacondas. Packed with hot sorority girls, big guns, and jaws massive enough to swallow a human in one bite, this is one screaming good time! It is a crossover between the Anaconda film series and the Lake Placid film series, which is followed by Lake Placid: Legacy (2018).


6. Lake Placid: Legacy (2018)

Lake Placid: Legacy

In “Legacy,” which takes place a few years after the first movie,  When a group of young explorers ventures to a mysterious lake, they discover an island harboring an abandoned lab facility with a horrific legacy: the island is home to a deadly predator. Before they can turn back, the crew gets dragged into a battle for their lives – former enemies will quickly need to put their egos aside and work together if there is any hope for survival.


How many Lake Placid movies are there?

The Lake Placid film series includes SIX (6) Movies: The series began with Lake Placid (1999) followed by five television sequels, Lake Placid 2 (2007), Lake Placid 3 (2010), Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012), Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015), and Lake Placid: Legacy (2018).


All Lake Placid Movies in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Lake Placid films in order, they were released.

1. Lake Placid — July 16, 1999

2. Lake Placid 2 — April 28, 2007

3. Lake Placid 3 — August 21, 2010

4. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter — September 29, 2012

5. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda — April 25, 2015

6. Lake Placid: Legacy — May 28, 2018



In conclusion, the Lake Placid movie series takes us on a thrilling journey through a world of monstrous crocodiles. Each installment builds upon the established lore, delivering a unique blend of action, horror, and comedy. From the tranquil Black Lake to an exotic water park, the films escalate the danger and keep us on the edge of our seats. With a diverse cast of characters, the series explores their attempts to confront and survive the ancient predators. Through twists and turns, the Lake Placid movies captivate audiences with their thrilling encounters and provide an entertaining and memorable cinematic experience.

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