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How to Watch Kaleidoscope Series in Order

There are 7 billion ways to solve a crime. We as human beings have a tendency to assume our brains are always looking to be one step ahead because of that. We start to think, we know what someone’s thinking or where they’re going. This show breaks that convention and will help us to come back to the present and wait for the answer.

Get your first look at KALEIDOSCOPE, based on a potentially real story, the new heist series is told through a unique streaming experience, where viewers will enter the crime at different moments in time—starring Giancarlo Esposito, Paz Vega and Tati Gabrielle. This eight-part series, unique for its shuffled order, centers around master thief Leo Pap (Giancarlo Esposito) and his crew attempting an epic heist worth $7 billion, but betrayal, greed and other threats undermine their plans. And I’m also excited to see if they can put it all together before they get to the end.

Every episode of Kaleidoscope had multiple connections to every other episode. Netflix tweeted suggestions for how viewers may watch the episodes in various orders, such as a Quentin Tarantino picture (making reference to the director’s nonlinear films like Pulp Fiction) or a classic detective story. There are 5,040 (!) possible combinations because to Netflix’s presentation format, which shows the first seven episodes in any sequence before showing the White episode. You can get to 40,320 (8!) by watching all episodes (including “White”) in any sequence you like. So if you really fan them out, you can make connections this way and connections that way in connection some way, this is where it gets tricky. And then you’ll just want to go back and watch it again and again and again because there’s so many things that you realize that you have missed.

And so everyone gets to go through a different journey through the show. As It was a big challenge for the filmmakers, but also it’s a big challenge for the audience. I hope you will take the risk. And enjoy the tricky but thrilling heist series Kaleidoscope in order as follow:


What order should I watch Kaleidoscope series?

There are 5040 potential orders in which to watch the eight episodes; an introduction (“Black”) outlines the show’s concept, and the episode “White” is always meant to be the series conclusion. Here are the episodes, with “White” listed at the end.

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1. “Yellow” (6 Weeks Before the Heist)

Hannah Kim, who works for the security company SLS, checks the security of a vault owned by billionaire Stefan Thiele that is at a rival company. He agrees to work with Roger Salas, the CEO of SLS, because he was impressed. Leo Pap, a professional thief, is planning to break into SLS’s most secure vault at their headquarters in New York City. He gets in touch with some of his old friends, like smuggler Stan Loomis, explosives expert Judy Goodwin, safecracker Bob Goodwin, weapons expert Ava Mercer, and skilled driver RJ Acosta Jr., and tells them that he knows someone inside the company who can help them. Together, they start making plans to steal bearer bonds worth $7 billion from “The Triplets,” a group of three powerful billionaires. They rob several jewelry stores to get money for their next heist, but Bob gets shot in the hand when he tries to steal a butterfly bracelet for Judy. Hannah finds out she’s pregnant, and Roger thinks someone on the inside of the company has broken security. Andrew Covington is in charge of digital security at SLS. Hannah plants evidence against him, which gets him fired and makes room for her to take over. Later, she meets her father Leo in secret and tells him about her success.


2. “Green” (7 Years Before the Heist)

Ray Vernon (Leo Pap), who has been in prison for more than seventeen years, tries over and over to write a letter to Hannah. Stan, who lives in the same cell as Leo, sells illegal goods in the prison. Stan’s ex-girlfriend Judy sneaks him drugs, which makes other criminals happy, but later, a group of people who want to steal his business attack him. Dr. Wagner, a prison doctor, tells Ray that he has Parkinson’s disease after he falls down one night. Now that he wants to get out of prison, he and Stan come up with a plan to break out. They put magic mushrooms in the food in the prison cafeteria to get people to look away. Stan gives himself up to a guard, though, so Ray can hide in Dr. Wagner’s car and get away. Now that he is free, Ray goes to see Ava. She helps him fake his death and gives him the name “Leo Pap.” FBI agent Nazan Abbasi looks into the prison break, but when she finds out that Ray is “dead,” the case seems to be over. Ray finds Hannah because he just got a job at SLS, but she doesn’t accept him because he left her. Hannah later reads an updated version of her father’s letter, which tells her not to trust Roger.


3. “Blue” (5 Days Before the Heist)

Leo breaks the robbery into seven steps, which include avoiding, fooling, or turning off the different security systems at the vault. RJ gets the RF signal from an SLS security truck and works on a fake truck that the crew can drive into the SLS building. He also asks Judy for a gun because he is worried about his safety. Leo is sure they can completely avoid it because he put a back door in the temperature sensor system of the vault. He breaks into Roger’s house, gets Roger’s fingerprint, and puts something on Roger’s contacts. When the Triplets meet Roger, they ask him to take their bonds out of the vault. Someone who is trying to blackmail him also calls him and makes threats. Roger is scared, so he has the security system checked. The backdoor is found and fixed. Later, Rogers’ eyes start to hurt because of what Leo put there, so Stan pretends to be his eye doctor and scans a copy of his face. Roger knows that Andrew is behind the extortion attempt and goes to talk to him about it. Later, he tells Carlos Sujo, his right-hand man, to kill Andrew because he was going to tell Roger’s past. The heist starts as a storm is getting ready to hit.


4. “Orange” (3 Weeks Before the Heist)

Abbasi goes to NA meetings to try to get her son’s visitation rights back. After a shell casing from one of the jewelry store break-ins is linked to Ava, Abbasi tries to help with the investigation. This is because Ava caused her to be suspended when she was looking into how Leo got out of prison. Ava and Bob are able to sell the stolen jewelry to a middleman named Javier Zanetti. They use the money to make the fake SLS security truck, rent a floor in the same office building as SLS, and buy equipment for the heist. With RJ’s help, the crew is able to use the water, ventilation, and electricity systems to map out the inside of the SLS building and find the vault. Abbasi goes against her boss Jennifer Helman and works with her partner Samuel Toby to look into Ava. They find out that Ava is friends with Bob, Judy, and Stan. Abbasi follows Ava because he thinks she is going to meet the leader of the crew, but she gets away. Abbasi is desperate, so he has Ava’s old nanny, Teresa Duarte, arrested by ICE. Abbasi tries to get Ava to work for him as a mole when they meet, but Ava keeps working with the crew even though she has been tipped off.


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5. “Violet” (24 Years Before the Heist)

Ray (Leo Pap), with the help of Graham Davies (Roger Salas), breaks into a wealthy banker’s home safe. To avoid being caught, Ray has to hide inside the safe and nearly suffocates. Ray spends time with his wife, Lily Vernon, and their young daughter, Hannah. He also opens an auto parts store with Lily and Hannah. Ray wants to get out of crime, so he meets up with his “fence,” Ava, and tries to sell the things he stole. After Lily is fired from her job at a hotel, Ray plans to rob a Christmas charity auction that is being held there. Ray and Graham try to steal valuable gems from jewelry at the auction and put in fakes in their place. But a security guard finds Ray, so Graham starts a fire in the hopes that it will buy them time to get away with the rest of the jewelry. Lily was called to the hotel at the last minute. The fire traps her, and she dies after Graham leaves her and Ray. While Ray is upset at the hospital, the police take him away, and Hannah takes Ava somewhere safe.


6. “Red” (The Morning After the Heist)

Leo gets out of the flooded vault and leaves the SLS building to go to the hideout of his crew. Judy thinks there is a rat in the heist crew because the FBI showed up before the alarms in the vault went off. Roger and Hannah go to the SLS building and see what happened after the heist. A diver looks in the vault and finds Stan’s glasses. Carlos goes as a detective to see Stan’s wife, Barbara Loomis, and his mother. After Stan’s mother tells Carlos about a way to find Stan, Carlos kills them both and tries to figure out where Stan is. Ava drives the fake SLS security truck with the bonds from the vault to the hideout. Most of the bonds, though, had been changed to colored paper. Then, Leo, Judy, Stan, and Ava fight, but Carlos and his crew storm the building and stop them. Carlos and his crew are killed after a short fight, and the FBI later finds their bodies. Roger is given a search warrant by Abbasi and Toby. He takes them to the vault, which is now empty of water, and opens his personal safe so they can look inside. He is shocked by what he finds inside.


7. “Pink” (6 Months After the Heist)

Roger is in prison for twenty years, and Bob comes to see him because he wants to get back at Leo and Stan. He gets two men, Taco and Samson, to help him. They find Zanetti and kill him after asking him where Ava is. Ava lives with Leo in Ohio. Leo’s Parkinson’s disease is getting worse. When Bob gets to where Ava is hiding, she kills Taco but gets knocked out. Leo tells Bob where Stan is, so Bob ties up Leo, Ava, and Teresa and sends Samson to watch over them. Stan and Judy, meanwhile, live in South Carolina and are planning to leave the country. Stan tries to sell the bracelet, but the person who buys it tells the FBI. Bob drives to South Carolina, but Abbasi meets him there and kills him with a gun. Abbasi didn’t give up on finding the rest of Leo’s crew. Later, a man working for The Triplets poisoned him, and he passed out. Ava and Teresa are killed by Samson when they try to get away. Leo kills Samson with a knife. Leo goes back to New York, where he talks to Hannah and sees Lily, his granddaughter. He is then seen walking alone, and Roger’s son Brad, who is wearing a hood, follows him and shoots him.


8. “White” (The Heist)

While Abbasi watches the SLS building, the rest of the crew starts the robbery. The crew gets rid of the armed guards, fools the gait detection chamber, and gets around the systems that recognize faces and eyes. Ava throws water at the temperature sensors to turn them off. This floods the vault chamber, which Stan and Bob can then use to open the safes. Abbasi gets sent to the floor that Ava rented by mistake, but he turns off her security feed jammer, and Roger sees that he is being robbed. Judy puts the stolen bonds in an elevator, but Hannah stops them and, with the help of her sister Liz Kim, changes them to colored paper. Bob betrays the rest of the crew out of greed, and RJ shoots him, but Judy kills him. Stan sees them dump RJ’s body, and after chasing Stan, Bob is strangled by Judy. Later, he performs an emergency tracheotomy to save his life. Ava leaves in the SLS truck, which is full of the now-fake bonds. Carlos gets to the vault, but Hannah knocks him out, which saves Leo. She tells him that she stole the bonds after The Triplets let them get stolen so that she could get insurance money for the loss. Leo puts a necklace that he stole from a Christmas charity auction inside Roger’s safe


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Some other Best order to Watch Kaleidoscope on Netflix

Here are some best order to Watch Kaleidoscope on Netflix:

1. Kaleidoscope in Chronological order:

  1. Violet — 24 years before the heist
  2. Green — 7 years before
  3. Yellow — 6 weeks before
  4. Orange — 3 weeks before
  5. Blue — 5 days before
  6. White — the heist
  7. Red — the morning after
  8. Pink — 6 months after


2. Order of Kaleidoscope as Tarantino

  1. Blue — 5 days before
  2. Green — 7 years before
  3. Yellow — 6 weeks before
  4. Orange — 3 weeks before
  5. Violet — 24 years before the heist
  6. Pink — 6 months after
  7. White — the heist
  8. Red — the morning after


3. Order of Kaleidoscope as Orange is the New Black

  1. Green — 7 years before
  2. Violet — 24 years before the heist
  3. Red — the morning after
  4. Orange — 3 weeks before
  5. Yellow — 6 weeks before
  6. Blue — 5 days before
  7. White — the heist
  8. Pink — 6 months after


4. Order of Kaleidoscope as Classic Detective Story

  1. Orange — 3 weeks before
  2. Green — 7 years before
  3. Violet — 24 years before the heist
  4. Red — the morning after
  5. Yellow — 6 weeks before
  6. Blue — 5 days before
  7. White — the heist
  8. Pink — 6 months after


5. Kaleidoscope in the Rainbow Order

  1. Red — the morning after
  2. Orange — 3 weeks before
  3. Yellow — 6 weeks before
  4. Green — 7 years before
  5. Blue — 5 days before
  6. Violet — 24 years before the heist
  7. Pink — 6 months after
  8. White — the heist


6. Order of Kaleidoscope in the Rainbow as The Usual Suspect

  1. Pink — 6 months after
  2. Violet — 24 years before the heist
  3. Green — 7 years before
  4. Yellow — 6 weeks before
  5. Orange — 3 weeks before
  6. Blue — 5 days before
  7. White — the heist
  8. Red — the morning after


Where to Watch Kaleidoscope?

Right now you can watch Kaleidoscope on Netflix.


What is a kaleidoscope?

A kaleidoscope is an optical device with two or more reflecting surfaces (or mirrors) angled to each other at an angle; this causes objects at one end to be reflected in such a way that they appear as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other end. These reflectors are often housed in tubes, with one end housing a cell filled with shards of colored glass or other transparent (and/or opaque) materials to be reflected into the seen pattern. Any time the cell is spun, the materials inside it begin to move, presenting a new perspective.


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