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How to Watch Jackass Movies in Order of EVENT [Chronologically and By Release Date]

Jackass Movies in Order: All the guys you love from the MTV series are here performing stunts no one would let them pull on television. There’s a good chance you’ll be laughing hysterically at one stunt, but getting grossed out by the next one in this big-screen version of the controversial MTV show. Here is the best guide on watching the most popular hard comedy-based film series, The Jackass Movies, to be back together with your best friends and enjoy the best humor of the Jackass films series. So enjoy these hilarious, outrageously ridiculous, and sometimes deadly shows of comedy, with the assistance of the amazing cast of Jackass make it. So, if you want to watch all of the Jackass movies in order, you may follow the order as mentioned.


The Jackass Movies In Chronological Order

1. Jackass: The Movie (2002)

Going where no movie has gone before, this is a feature-length film with the original creators and cast of the hugely successful MTV series Jackass. Johnny Knoxville and his band of maniacs perform a variety of stunts and gross-out gags on the big screen for the first time in Jackass: The Movie.

In this comedic documentary at the start of the movie, the main characters are all riding downhill in a huge shopping cart. The guys crash into a fruit stand at the bottom, which sends them flying into the fruit. The movie then shows dozens of stunts and tricks that the crew did. Some of the most famous stunts and pranks include Johnny Knoxville getting flipped over in a golf cart, Bam Margera attacking his father Phil while he is taking a shit, Ryan Dunn putting a toy car in his ass and going to get an x-ray, Steve-O tightrope walking above alligators, Wee Man kicking himself in the head, Chris Pontius dancing in public while wearing only a thong, and Preston Lacy sitting


2. Jackass Number Two (2006)

Like its predecessor and the original television show, the entire crew from the popular MTV franchise return in the most insane movie of the year, Jackass Number Two. Available in both rated and “too hot for theaters” unrated versions, Jackass 2 pushes the limits with all-new stunts, pants-wetting practical jokes, fun with bears, bees, snakes, bulls, sharks, and other REALLY bad ideas.

The most notable stunts include; Johnny Knoxville sitting on a big red rocket which gets launched into the air, Bam Margera being stuck in a trailer with a cobra, Chris Pontius’ penis dressed as a mouse while a snake attempts to bite it, Steve-O getting his cheek pierced by a fish hook and getting thrown into the shark invested Gulf of Mexico, Ryan Dunn being launched into a garage door while he’s riding a shopping cart, Dave England eating horse shit, Wee Man getting zapped by an electric stool, Ehren McGhehey playing a terrorist with a fake beard made out of the cast and crew’s pubic hair, and Preston Lacy disguising himself as Bam’s father to spoon with Bam’s mother in bed.


3. Jackass Presents: Mat Hoffman’s Tribute to Evel Knievel (2008)

Jackass Presents Mat Hoffman's Tribute to Evel Knievel Images

One generation of daredevils pays tribute to perhaps the greatest stunt rider ever to hop on a motorcycle–Evel Knievel. BMX innovator Mat Hoffman and JACKASS star Johnny Knoxville host this send-up to the man who risked his neck to make some of the most amazing jumps in history and left a trail of broken bones in his wake. Travis Pastrana, Scott Palmer, Allen Cooke, and Davin “Psycho” Halford are just a few of the riders who come out to show their appreciation to the master with some thrilling feats of their own.


4. Jackass 3D (2010)

3 times the laughs. 3 times the stupid. 3 times the pain. The jackass guys are back for their wildest round of mischief and mayhem yet! Jackass 3D (2010) a sequel to Jackass Number Two (2006), features the most notable stunts and pranks include; Johnny Knoxville being camouflage-painted as a bull charges at him, Bam Margera falling into a pit filled with snakes, Ryan Dunn playing the tuba while a male sheep rams him, Steve-O getting launched into the air in a shit-filled porta-potty, Wee Man fighting other midgets in a bar, Preston Lacy getting a gridiron football kicked against his face, Chris Pontius flying an RC helicopter as it’s tied to his penis, Ehren McGhehey getting his crooked tooth pulled by Bam’s Lamborghini, and Dave England playing tetherball with a beehive against Steve-O. So brace yourself for uncensored, unbelievable and totally explicit stunts from the idiots you’ve come to know and love from a safe and sanitary distance!


5. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013)

In “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” 86-year-old Irving Zisman travels across America with his 8-year-old grandson Billy, who seems like the last person he would want to be with. Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) and Billy (Jackson Nicoll), who are characters in the Jackass movie, will take the audience on the craziest hidden camera road trip ever caught on film. Along the way, Irving will show young Billy places, people, and situations that will change the way he thinks about “raising a child.” The two will meet male strippers, angry child beauty pageant contestants (and their equally angry mothers), people who are sad at a funeral home, people who go to a biker bar, and a lot of other people who don’t know what’s going on. Real people are put in situations that aren’t real, making for a really weird comedy.


6. Jackass Forever (2022)

With the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original jackass crew returns for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and often dangerous displays of comedy with a little help from some exciting new cast. Johnny and the team push the envelope even further in jackass forever. It is a compilation of stunts, skits, pranks intercut with on-set talking heads with its cast. The film begins with a tribute to kaiju movies, in what appears to be a city being overrun by a giant green monster. In reality, it is Chris Pontius’ penis painted green over a small set of a city. The intro ends with the “monster” bit by a snapping turtle.


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How many Jackass movies are there?

The Jackass film series consists of SIX (6) films, including five feature films released by Paramount Pictures; began with Jackass: The Movie, followed by three sequels and one Jackass Presents film: Mat Hoffman’s Tribute to Evel Knievel (2008).


All Jackass Movies in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Jackass films in order, they were released. (U.S. Release Date)

1. Jackass: The Movie — October 25, 2002

2. Jackass Number Two — September 22, 2006

3. Jackass Presents: Mat Hoffman’s Tribute to Evel Knievel — May 27, 2008

4. Jackass 3D — October 15, 2010

5. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa — October 25, 2013

6. Jackass Forever — February 4, 2022



Watching Jackass movies in chronological order, gives you non-stop high thrilling of the hilarious, mega-successful theatrical franchise, “Jackass”. Luckily, chronologically and by release date are the same. The order in which you do these things is up to you now. But when we watch it, we prefer to do so in order.

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