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How to Watch Final Destination Movies in Order [Chronologically and By Release]

Final Destination Movies in Order: Final Destination franchise is one of the most popular horror franchises in which death itself is the villain. The First Installment of the Final Destination movie was released in 2000 and became an icon in the horror genre. What if you knew when you are going to die? That’s what the final destination series is all about! A group of friends tries to cheat death, but death doesn’t likes cheaters. So if you know how many Final Destination movies are there and how to watch them, then here is the best guide about How to watch Final Destination movies in order, that playful and energized enough to keep an audience guessing.

Based on an unproduced spec script by Jeffrey Reddick, originally written for The X-Files television series, All of its five films are set around a small group of people who escape impending death after one individual (the protagonist) sees a sudden premonition and warns them about the mass-casualty accident that is about to happen. After avoiding their foretold deaths, the survivors are killed one by one in bizarre accidents caused by an unseen force creating complicated chains of cause and effect, resembling Rube Goldberg machines, and then read omens sent by another unseen entity in order to again avert their deaths. So if you want to enjoy an unexpectedly alert teen-scream disaster chiller, then watch all Final Destination movies in order of release date.


What the Final Destination Series is all about?

The Final Destination series is a horror film franchise focused on the concept of death’s design and the inevitability of fate. Each film follows a group of characters who survive a catastrophic event, only to be hunted down by death itself. The survivors must decipher clues and evade elaborate and gruesome accidents, as they try to cheat their foretold deaths. The franchise explores themes of predestination and the fragility of life, combining horror, suspense, and dark humor to captivate audiences.


How to Watch Final Destination Movies in Chronological Order

1. Final Destination 5 (2011)

Death returns for another wild ride in the latest “5nal Destination.” The fifth installment in the Final Destination film series, Final Destination 5 follows a young man Sam Lawton has a premonition and saves a group of people from death when a suspension bridge begins to collapse. Sam manages to persuade several of his co-workers to get off the bridge before the accident occurs. After Candice and Isaac die in bizarre accidents, Sam is warned that Death is still after the survivors and told that if he wants to live he must kill someone who was never meant to die on the bridge and claim their remaining lifespan. Olivia and Dennis are killed before they have a chance to save themselves, but Nathan claims the lifespan of a co-worker when he accidentally causes his death in a warehouse accident. Peter attempts to kill Molly, jealous that she survived instead of Candice. He eventually gains the lifespan of an investigating agent but is killed by Sam before he can kill Molly. Sam and Molly later board a plane to Paris, which is revealed to be Flight 180 from the first film. When the fuselage is torn apart by the exploding engine fragments, Molly is sucked out of the plane while Sam is killed in the subsequent explosion. The landing gear is sent flying towards New York City and crashes into a cocktail bar, killing Nathan, since the co-worker whose life he claimed had a terminal illness and was due to die “any day now”.


2. Final Destination (2000)

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Death doesn’t take no for an answer. Death is coming. In the first installment of the Final Destination film series, high school student Alex Browning is cursed with knowing when, how, and where the grim reaper will take his next victim to the Final Destination. After boarding a plane to Europe with his fellow French club members, high school student Alex Browning has a premonition of the aircraft exploding moments after takeoff, killing every on board. Alex panics, insisting that everyone get off the plane. In the melee than ensues, seven people, including Alex, are forced to disembark–saving them from a fiery death when the plan explodes as Alex foresaw. But as, one by one, each of these seven who cheated fate meets an untimely end, Alex and his remaining friends band together to try to change destiny and outwit the untamable forces of death.​


3. Final Destination 2 (2003)

The sequel to the 2000 film Final Destination and the second installment of the Final Destination film series, Final Destination picking up one year after the Final Destination (2000), features college student Kimberly Corman heading to Daytona Beach for spring break with her friends Shaina, Dano, and Frankie. Locked away by her own choice in the perceived safety of a psychiatric hospital, the lone survivor from Final Destination lives in constant terror that Death is coming to claim her. She may be considered crazy, but she’s not wrong. Death is moving toward suburban Route 23, heading south in Final Destination 2.

Meanwhile, en route to a weekend getaway with her friends, Kimberly Corman has a terrible premonition … Shocked into action, Kimberly blocks traffic on a highway onramp. Drivers honk and complain–until Death tears up the highway in a massive pile-up, with those left on the onramp narrowly escaping with their lives. But Kimberly knows it’s not over: Death won’t be cheated so easily. Now this random group of strangers, who were all meant to die in the freeway disaster, must join Kimberly in a desperate attempt to stay alive.​


4. Final Destination 3 (2006)

The third installment in the Final Destination franchise, Final Destination 3 takes place years after the Final Destination (2000),. Winstead plays Wendy Christensen, a high school graduate who has a premonition that a roller coaster she and her classmates are riding will derail. Although she saves some of them, Death begins hunting the survivors. Wendy realizes photographs she took at the amusement park contain clues about her classmates’ death. With survivor and friend Kevin Fischer (Merriman), Wendy tries to use this knowledge to save the rest of them and ruin Death’s scheme.


5. The Final Destination (2009)

If somehow you manage to cheat Death, you can be assured that Death will stalk you until it’s finished. This time in the fourth installment in the Final Destination film series, set nine years after the explosion of Flight 180, eight years after the pile-up on Route 23, and four years after the Devil’s Flight disaster, follows a group of people who after escaping a car crash during a race, with Death stalking and killing one by one. Nick O’Bannon’s premonition of a deadly car race spares his life and those of a few lucky (or unlucky) others around him. But Death won’t take no for an answer. And the visions keep coming in horrifying as one-by-one the crash survivors die in ever more gruesome ways. Now, Nick must figure out how to cheat death once and for all before he too reaches The Final Destination. Hold on to your seats. It’s not over yet!


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How many Final Destination Movies are There?

The Final Destination Film series consists of FIVE films: Final Destination (2003), Final Destination 2 (2003), Final Destination 3 (2006), The Final Destination (2009), and Final Destination 5 (2011).


All Final Destination Movies in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Final Destination films in order, they were released.

1. Final Destination — March 17, 2000

2. Final Destination 2 — January 31, 2003

3. Final Destination 3 — February 10, 2006

4. The Final Destination — August 28, 2009

5. Final Destination 5 — August 12, 2011

Please note that Final Destination 5 serves as a prequel to the original Final Destination film, exploring events that occurred prior to the first movie.

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1. Is Final Destination a hit?

A— Yes, the Final Destination series has been a commercial success. The franchise has garnered a significant following and has been well-received by horror fans. The films have collectively grossed over $660 million worldwide, making it a profitable venture for the studios involved. The popularity of the series can be attributed to its unique concept, inventive death sequences, and the suspenseful nature of the storytelling. While critical reception may vary from film to film, the Final Destination series has remained a notable and influential part of the horror genre.


2. Who survives Final Destination?

A— The survival of characters in the Final Destination series varies from film to film. There is no consistent set of characters who survive throughout the entire series. Some characters may manage to cheat death temporarily, but eventually, most of them meet their demise in elaborate and unexpected ways. However, in certain films, there may be one or a few characters who successfully outsmart death’s plans and survive until the end.


3. Is Final Destination a family movie?

A— No, the Final Destination series is not considered a family movie. It is classified as a horror franchise due to its intense and often gruesome death sequences, as well as its overall dark and suspenseful tone. The films contain graphic violence, disturbing imagery, and mature themes that are not suitable for young or sensitive viewers. Final Destination is intended for mature audiences who enjoy the horror genre and can handle its unsettling content.


4. Is Final Destination a horror movie?

A— Yes, Final Destination is a horror movie franchise. It is known for its distinct blend of horror, suspense, and dark humor. The films feature a series of elaborate and often gruesome death sequences, creating a sense of tension and fear throughout. The franchise explores themes of mortality, fate, and the inevitability of death. While it has elements of thriller and suspense genres, Final Destination is primarily categorized as a horror series due to its focus on supernatural elements and the graphic depiction of violent and terrifying situations.


5. Who is the villain in Final Destination?

A— In the Final Destination series, there is no singular villain in the traditional sense. The primary antagonist is the concept of death itself, portrayed as an unseen force that seeks to claim the lives of those who have cheated it. The focus is on the characters’ struggle against death’s design rather than a specific villainous character. While individual films may feature secondary characters with antagonistic behavior, they are not the central driving force.


6. Who is the Death guy in Final Destination?

A— In the Final Destination series, there is a character known as Bludworth, portrayed by Tony Todd, who is often referred to as the “Death guy.” Bludworth is a mysterious mortician who appears throughout the films, offering cryptic advice and knowledge about death’s design. While he is not the personification of death itself, Bludworth serves as a guide, providing insights into the characters’ predicament and the inevitable nature of their impending deaths.



Watching Final Destination movies in chronological order, gives you non-stop high thrilling DEATH adventure that nails the genre completely! Luckily, chronologically and by release date are the same but starting with Final Destination 5 give you best story lore of Final Destination franchise. The order in which you do these things is up to you now. But when we watch it, we prefer to do so in order.

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