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The List of Def Leppard Albums in Order of Release Date

Having sold over 100 million albums worldwide, DEF LEPPARD is one of the world’s best-selling music artists. The band have released twelve studio albums, two live albums, four compilation albums, and three extended plays.

In the early ’80s, as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was still ringing in headbangers’ ears, Sheffield, England’s Def Leppard bucked the trend by drizzling honey over hard rock. That audacious gambit sweetened a sound forged in the UK’s industrial heartlands and proved that power and pop were not mutually exclusive, paving the way for bands like Bon Jovi.

Def Leppard formed in 1977 and soon settled on a core lineup of singer Joe Elliott, bassist Rick Savage, and drummer Rick Allen—just 15 when he joined. Guitarist Phil Collen would replace founding member Pete Willis after two albums and Vivian Campbell would step in to round out the group’s twin-axe attack after Steve Clark’s untimely death in 1991.

Def Leppard made noise with its raucous 1980 debut, On Through the Night, but 1981’s High ‘N’ Dry proved that the band could write not just riffs but also hooks. The five members leaned into that strategy for 1983’s Pyromania, using producer Mutt Lange’s multi-track wizardry—gated drums, a hint of synth, and soaring vocal harmonies—to temper the guitars’ bite and Elliott’s shredded yell. It was 1987’s Lange-produced Hysteria, featuring sleekly melodic mega-hits “Animal” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” that confirmed Def Leppard’s status as the kings of pop-metal. In the early ’90s, as hard rock turned to grunge and grittier metal bands like Pantera, Def Leppard held onto their universal pop appeal, and it has served them well across decades of tours, studio albums, and live recordings. It’s a surprisingly simple yet ingenious idea: A little bit of sugar helps the metal go down.So, if you are a die heart fan of Def Leppard Albums then check out here we have list of Def Leppard albums in order of release so far.


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All Def Leppard Studio Albums in Order of Release Date

1. On Through the Night (1980)

Def Leppard’s debut album, “On Through the Night,” was released in 1980 and marked the beginning of the band’s successful career. The album features a blend of hard rock and heavy metal, with catchy hooks and powerful guitar riffs. The band’s signature harmonies and melodic vocals are also on display, showcasing the talent of lead vocalist Joe Elliott.

Tracks like “Rock Brigade,” “Wasted,” and “Hello America” showcase the band’s raw energy and youthful enthusiasm, while “Sorrow Is a Woman” and “It Could Be You” display a more melodic side of the band. “On Through the Night” was produced by Tom Allom, who had previously worked with Judas Priest, and the album’s sound is reminiscent of the early days of British heavy metal.

Overall, “On Through the Night” is a solid debut album that set the stage for Def Leppard’s future success. It remains a classic of the genre and a must-listen for fans of 80s hard rock and heavy metal.


2. High ‘n’ Dry (1981)

Def Leppard’s second studio album, “High ‘n’ Dry,” released in 1981, was a pivotal moment for the British rock band. It showcased the band’s heavy metal roots while also incorporating a pop sensibility that would later become a signature of their sound. The album was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who helped the band achieve a more polished and commercial sound.

The album features hits such as “Let It Go,” “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak,” and “High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night).” These tracks helped to establish the band’s reputation as a rising force in the music industry. With its anthemic choruses, guitar-driven melodies, and energetic performances, “High ‘n’ Dry” cemented Def Leppard’s status as one of the most influential bands of the 1980s.

Overall, “High ‘n’ Dry” remains a classic album that continues to resonate with fans today. It represents a pivotal moment in Def Leppard’s career and helped to set the stage for their future success.


3. Pyromania (1983)

Def Leppard’s Pyromania, released in 1983, is a classic album that pushed the boundaries of hard rock and heavy metal music. The album features hit songs such as “Photograph,” “Rock of Ages,” and “Foolin'” which have become iconic anthems of the 80s.

Pyromania was a groundbreaking album that showcased the band’s innovative songwriting, layered harmonies, and melodic hooks. The album was produced by the legendary Robert John “Mutt” Lange and it marked a significant shift in the band’s sound towards a more polished and commercially accessible style.

The album’s success propelled Def Leppard into the mainstream and helped them become one of the most popular rock bands of the 1980s. Pyromania is a timeless album that continues to be celebrated by rock fans around the world, and its influence can be heard in the music of countless contemporary rock bands.


4. Hysteria (1987)

Def Leppard’s fourth studio album “Hysteria” released in 1987, is widely regarded as one of the most significant albums of the era. It is a masterpiece of melodic hard rock, featuring hits such as “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Love Bites,” and “Hysteria.” The album’s sound is characterized by its lush harmonies, layered guitar riffs, and polished production, which was a groundbreaking achievement in the 1980s.

The album was recorded over several years, and its release was delayed due to numerous setbacks, including the tragic loss of drummer Rick Allen’s arm in a car accident. Despite the challenges, the band pushed through and delivered an iconic album that has stood the test of time.

Overall, “Hysteria” is a defining album of the 1980s and a testament to the talent and perseverance of Def Leppard. It continues to inspire new generations of rock fans and remains a staple of classic rock radio.


5. Adrenalize (1992)

Def Leppard’s fifth studio album, Adrenalize, was released in 1992, following a four-year hiatus caused by the tragic death of their guitarist, Steve Clark. The album was dedicated to Clark’s memory and features a more polished sound than their previous albums.

Adrenalize includes the hit singles “Let’s Get Rocked,” “Make Love Like a Man,” and “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad,” which all reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album also features strong power ballads like “Tonight” and “Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion).”

Overall, Adrenalize showcases Def Leppard’s ability to combine heavy rock riffs with catchy pop hooks. While it may not be as groundbreaking as some of their earlier work, Adrenalize is a solid effort that demonstrates the band’s resilience in the face of tragedy and their commitment to creating memorable rock anthems.


6. Slang (1996)

Def Leppard’s 1996 album “Slang” marked a significant departure from the band’s previous hard rock sound, exploring more alternative and grunge influences. The album was produced by the band themselves and showcased a more stripped-down, raw approach, with less emphasis on the big stadium rock anthems of their past.

“Slang” received mixed reviews upon its release, with some fans and critics expressing disappointment in the band’s departure from their classic sound. However, the album did find a dedicated following among fans of alternative rock and showcased the band’s willingness to experiment and evolve their sound.

Standout tracks on the album include the title track “Slang,” the emotionally charged “All I Want Is Everything,” and the haunting ballad “When Love & Hate Collide.” “Slang” may not have been a commercial success on the level of the band’s earlier albums, but it remains a fascinating and important entry in Def Leppard’s discography.


7. Euphoria (1999)

Def Leppard’s Euphoria album, released in 1999, marked the band’s return to their classic rock roots. The album features a collection of upbeat, melodic tracks that showcase the band’s signature sound, blending heavy guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and harmonious vocals. Euphoria is notable for its polished production and crisp, modern sound, which was achieved by using state-of-the-art recording techniques.

Songs like “Promises,” “Demolition Man,” and “Paper Sun” are among the highlights of the album, with their infectious hooks and driving rhythms. The album also features a cover of the 1978 Sweet classic “Action,” which the band gives their own signature sound.

Overall, Euphoria is a solid album that captures the energy and spirit of Def Leppard’s early years while also showcasing their growth as musicians. It’s a must-listen for fans of classic rock and the band’s unique sound.


8. X (2002)

Def Leppard’s X (2002) album was the band’s tenth studio release, and it marked a departure from their previous work. The album features a more experimental sound, with the band incorporating electronic and pop elements into their signature hard rock sound. The album’s lead single, “Now,” received significant airplay and was a top 40 hit on the US Mainstream Rock charts.

The album also features notable collaborations with contemporary pop producers such as Marti Frederiksen and Per Aldeheim. The track “Long Long Way to Go” features a guest vocal appearance by country music star Tim McGraw.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, X debuted at number eleven on the Billboard 200 chart and was certified gold in the United States. The album’s experimental sound and collaborations with pop producers demonstrated Def Leppard’s willingness to evolve and experiment with their music, making X an important and unique addition to the band’s discography.


9. Yeah! (2006)

Def Leppard’s Yeah! album, released in 2006, is a tribute to the band’s musical influences from the 1960s and 1970s. The album features covers of classic rock songs by artists such as David Bowie, The Kinks, and T. Rex, as well as lesser-known tracks by obscure bands like Hanoi Rocks.

While the band stays true to the original arrangements, they infuse their signature sound into each track, creating a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience. The standout tracks include a raucous rendition of Thin Lizzy’s “Don’t Believe a Word,” a soulful version of The Faces’ “Stay With Me,” and a driving take on Sweet’s “Hell Raiser.”

Overall, Yeah! is a fun and energetic album that showcases Def Leppard’s love for their musical roots and pays homage to the artists who inspired them. It’s a must-listen for any Def Leppard fan and anyone who loves classic rock music.


10. Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008)

Songs from the Sparkle Lounge is the tenth studio album by the English rock band Def Leppard, released in 2008. The album features a mix of classic rock and pop-influenced tracks, and marked a return to the band’s signature sound after the departure from the more experimental style of their previous album.

The album’s lead single, “Nine Lives,” features a collaboration with country music artist Tim McGraw and was well received by fans and critics alike. Other standout tracks on the album include “C’mon C’mon,” “Go,” and “Hallucinate,” all of which showcase the band’s knack for catchy hooks and big choruses.

Overall, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge is a solid addition to Def Leppard’s catalog and a must-have for fans of the band’s classic rock sound. The album’s strong songwriting, memorable melodies, and energetic performances make it a standout release from one of the most iconic rock bands of all time.


11. Def Leppard (2015)

Def Leppard’s self-titled album, released in 2015, marked the band’s eleventh studio album and their first release in seven years. The album features 14 tracks that showcase the band’s signature sound of anthemic rock and catchy melodies.

Def Leppard’s self-titled album was produced by frontman Joe Elliott and longtime producer Ronan McHugh. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with many praising the band’s ability to maintain their classic sound while incorporating modern production techniques.

The album includes standout tracks such as “Let’s Go,” “Dangerous,” and “Man Enough,” which feature heavy guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and infectious choruses that are sure to please longtime fans of the band. Overall, Def Leppard’s self-titled album is a strong addition to the band’s impressive discography and a testament to their enduring legacy in the rock music world.


12. Diamond Star Halos (2022)

Def Leppard’s Diamond Star Halos is a highly anticipated album that was released in 2022. The album is is the band’s first studio album in nearly seven years since 2015’s Def Leppard. The album takes its name from the 1971 T. Rex single “Get It On” and includes imagery from Anton Corbijn, Maryam Malakpour, and Oliver and Joshua Munden. The band members, including Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Rick Savage, Vivian Campbell, and Rick Allen, worked together to create an album that honors their past while pushing their sound forward.

Overall, Diamond Star Halos is a must-listen for Def Leppard fans and anyone who appreciates great rock music. It’s a testament to the band’s longevity and ability to continually deliver powerful and memorable music.


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List of Def Leppard Albums in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Def Leppard Album in Order of Release Date:

Studio albums:

1. On Through the Night — 14 March 1980

2. High ‘n’ Dry — 6 July 1981

3. Pyromania — 20 January 1983

4. Hysteria — 3 August 1987

5. Adrenalize — 31 March 1992

6. Slang — 14 May 1996

7. Euphoria — 8 June 1999

8. X — 30 July 2002

9. Yeah! — 23 May 2006

10. Songs from the Sparkle Lounge — 25 April 2008

11. Def Leppard — 30 October 2015

12. Diamond Star Halos — 27 May 2022


Compilation albums:

1. Retro Active — 5 October 1993

2. Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits (1980–1995) — 31 October 1995

3. Best of Def Leppard — 25 October 2004

4. Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection — 17 May 2005

5. The Story So Far – The Best Of — 30 November 2018


Live albums:

1. Mirror Ball – Live & More — 3 June 2011

2. Viva! Hysteria — 22 October 2013

3. And There Will Be a Next Time… Live from Detroit — 20 February 2017

4. London to Vegas — 29 May 2020



In conclusion, Def Leppard has had a prolific and successful career in the music industry, spanning over four decades. Their discography includes twelve studio albums, several live albums, and numerous hit singles. From their early days as a raw and energetic hard rock band to their later incorporation of pop and electronic elements, Def Leppard has remained a beloved and influential force in rock music. Their albums, in chronological order, showcase the evolution and growth of the band, from their debut “On Through the Night” to their latest release, “Diamond Star Halos.” Each album stands out for its unique sound and style, and together they form a comprehensive and impressive body of work.

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