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How to Watch Billy Jack Movies in Order of EVENT

Billy Jack Movies in Order: Experience the legend like never before! This four groundbreaking, action-packed cinematic adventures from the `70s pop culture icon Billy Jack features all of the fast-kicking, politically-aware stories that had audiences cheering and clamoring for me. Influencing action films for decades, the Billy Jack films broke the mold with their unique hero, a half-Indian/half-white ex-Green Beret bent on correcting injustice and hypocrisy to help America reach its full potential. Witness the heroism yourself with this complete four-film set, all newly remastered in high-definition for breathtaking, unsurpassed quality! So if you want to enjoy the groundbreaking adventure of Billy Jack, by watching Billy Jack Movies in order.


How to Watch Billy Jack Film Series Movies in Order

1. Born Losers (1967)

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Out for kicks … and in for trouble! In the thrilling action film, The Born Losers, Tom Laughlin introduced the character of Billy Jack to the world and started a phenomenon. Billy Jack just wants to be left alone in peace, but finds he must stand up and fight when others hide in fear. When a vicious motorcycle gang launches an assault on a small town and its teenagers, the citizenry is up in arms, but powerless to face the gang. And now the gang has a new target in their sights: a local girl named Vicky (Elizabeth James). Billy Jack must take up a one-man crusade against incredible odds to save both Vicky and an entire town from disaster.

Based on a pair of high profile 1964 news items – the slaying of New York bar manager Kitty Genovese and the Hells Angels alleged intimidation of teenaged rape victims in Monterey. The Born Losers was distributed by American International Pictures and wound up being their biggest moneymaker until The Amityville Horror (1979) a decade later.


2. Billy Jack (1971)

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Billy Jack (1971) seems to be saying the same thing as Born Losers; that a gun is better than a constitution in the enforcement of justice. 

In the film, Ex-Green Beret Billy Jack is the lone defender of justice in a redneck town where a free school for runaway teenagers is hassled by the locals. Dispensing justice via karate, Billy Jack is a hero of mythic proportions. “One of the most electrifying entertainments to inhabit any theatre this year,” says the New York Daily Mirror.

Tom Laughlin’s Billy Jack (1971) and George Lucas’ Star Wars (1977) nonetheless profited handsomely from repurposing the American frontier tale for a new kind of mythmaking. Its earnings may seem in comparison to the Lucasfilm juggernaut, Billy Jack returned $80 million on an investment of $800,000. A monster hit that spawned two sequels!


3. The Trial of Billy Jack (1974)

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This third installment offered more of the same from the critically drubbed but commercially winning previous picture, with loner do-gooder Billy Jack once again wreaking vengeance on the evil forces of authority and white privilege.

The Trial of Billy Jack is the sequel to 1971’s Billy Jack. The movie revolves around a man who is sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. He tries to defend his girlfriend’s school against the evil establishment. The Freedom School expands and flourishes under the guidance of Jean Roberts. The utopian existence of the school is characterized by everything ranging from yoga sports to muckracking journalism.

It came in as 1974’s third highest-grossing release with $89 million, behind Mel Brooks’ #1 Blazing Saddles and the disaster flick The Towering Inferno and just ahead of Brooks’ Young Frankenstein and the disaster flick Earthquake.


4. Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977)

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The second sequel Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977) is far more famous for its stormy production and contentious financing squabbles, which Laughlin publicized to promote his self-image as a David conquering the Goliath of Hollywood.

Perhaps the most controversial film of all, Billy Jack Goes to Washington tells a story straight out of the headlines. At the Washington premiere one Senator exploded, vowing to do everything in his power to make sure it was never released. After a senator suddenly dies after completing (and sealing) an investigation into the nuclear power industry, the remaining senator and the state governor must decide on a person who will play along with their shady deals and not cause any problems. They decide on Billy Jack, currently sitting in prison after being sent to jail at the end of his previous film, as they don’t expect him to be capable of much and think he will attract young voters to the party. See Billy bring his own brand of justice to Washington corruption and take on all comers with his feet and his head! Featuring a spectacular new high-definition digital transfer for unsurpassed quality!


Billy Jack Movie Images

How many Billy Jack Movies are there?

The Billy Jack Film Series includes FOUR (4) installments: 1) Born Losers (1967), 2) Billy Jack (1971), 3) The Trial of Billy Jack (1974), and 4) Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977).


All Billy Jack Movies in Order of Release Date

Here are the Billy Jack Films in the order, they were released.

1. Born Losers — July 12, 1967

2. Billy Jack — May 1, 1971

3. The Trial of Billy Jack — November 13, 1974

4. Billy Jack Goes to Washington — April 16, 1977


 Is Billy Jack the movie based on a true story?

Billy Jack The younger generation is likely unaware of the impact that Billy Jack, which was based upon the true-life events of Cherokee medicine man Rolling Thunder, had on America.


Is Billy Jack streaming anywhere?

You can Stream Billy Jack Movies on Prime Video


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