Alicia Keys Albums in Order

The List of Alicia Keys Albums in Order of Release Date

Having sold over 90 million records worldwide, with 20 million certified albums and 38 million certified digital singles in the United States, American singer Alicia Keys is one of the world’s best-selling music artists. She has released nine studio albums, two live albums, one remix album, four reissue albums, one extended play, seven box sets, 46 singles as lead artist, and six promotional singles.

As R&B hurtled toward the future in the early 2000s and pop was achieving new levels of gloss, Alicia Keys stood out not just as a torchbearer for the organic, old-school soul, but as a quadruple threat—captivating singer, skilled keyboardist, pop-savvy songwriter, and ambitious producer—rarely seen since the heydays of Stevie Wonder and Prince. The artist born Alicia Augello Cook in 1981 was classically trained but a product of the streets, raised by a single mother in a rough Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood from which piano-playing offered sanctuary.

Keys’ combination of elegant songcraft and raw attitude would give hits like “Fallin’” (2001) and “No One” (2007) ample crossover appeal among pop, R&B, and adult-contemporary audiences, and she carved out a place in the rap canon thanks to her skyscraping chorus on JAY-Z’s ubiquitous 2009 anthem “Empire State of Mind”. She’s continued to put up hall-of-fame numbers: in her first two decades, Keys never had an album chart lower than No. 2 on the Billboard 200. But from her lofty position, she’s been eager to dismantle the oppressive, male-gaze-oriented beauty standards applied to pop divas—after appearing on the cover of 2016’s Here without Makeup, Keys made that natural look her red-carpet signature. And while she’s won so many Grammys (15) that she eventually took over the ceremony as host in 2019 and 2020, Keys invested the normally scripted role with the same sort of casual cool and off-the-cuff intimacy that have made her America’s most down-to-earth R&B queen. So, if you are a die heart fan of Alicia Keys Albums then check out here we have a list of Alicia Keys albums in order of release so far.


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All Alicia Keys Albums in Order of Release Date

1. Songs in A Minor (2001)

“Alicia Keys’ debut album, ‘Songs in A Minor,’ released in 2001, is a captivating masterpiece that solidified her status as a musical force to be reckoned with. The album brilliantly showcases Keys’ extraordinary talent as a singer, songwriter, and pianist. With her soulful and powerful voice, Keys effortlessly combines elements of R&B, soul, jazz, and classical music, resulting in a unique and refreshing sound.

‘Songs in A Minor’ is a collection of deeply personal and introspective tracks that explore themes of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and empowerment. The album features iconic hits such as ‘Fallin’,’ a soulful ballad that propelled Keys to international stardom. Her heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by her masterful piano skills, create an intimate and emotional experience for listeners.

Overall, ‘Songs in A Minor’ showcases Alicia Keys’ incredible artistry, establishing her as a groundbreaking artist in the music industry. The album’s timeless appeal continues to captivate audiences, making it a true classic in the realm of contemporary R&B.”


2. The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003)

“The Diary of Alicia Keys” is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, released in 2003. The album showcases Keys’ soulful voice, introspective songwriting, and her unique blend of R&B, soul, and jazz influences.

With this album, Alicia Keys dives deeper into personal experiences, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, empowerment, and self-discovery. The songs on “The Diary of Alicia Keys” are richly textured, incorporating lush arrangements and intricate piano melodies that serve as the foundation for Keys’ powerful vocals.

The album features notable hits like “You Don’t Know My Name,” a soulful track that showcases Keys’ storytelling ability, and “If I Ain’t Got You,” a heartfelt ballad that became one of her signature songs. Other standout tracks include the uplifting anthem “Superwoman” and the introspective “Diary,” featuring the rapper Tony! Toni! Toné!.

“The Diary of Alicia Keys” solidified Alicia Keys’ status as a talented and versatile artist, earning critical acclaim and commercial success. It remains a testament to her artistry and musical prowess, capturing the essence of her unique talent and emotional depth.

3. As I Am (2007)

“As I Am” is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, released in 2007. The album showcases Keys’ artistic growth and a bolder, more confident sound. It combines elements of R&B, soul, and pop, creating a cohesive and powerful musical experience.

The album features a range of heartfelt and introspective songs, with Keys delving into personal themes of love, relationships, and self-empowerment. It includes the hit singles “No One,” a captivating anthem of unconditional love, and “Like You’ll Never See Me Again,” a soul-stirring ballad about cherishing the present moment.

“As I Am” not only demonstrates Keys’ exceptional vocal range and soulful delivery but also highlights her prowess as a pianist. Her signature blend of soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics shines throughout the album, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

With its infectious hooks, powerful vocals, and emotionally charged lyrics, “As I Am” solidified Alicia Keys’ status as one of the leading artists in contemporary R&B and earned her critical acclaim and commercial success. It remains a standout album in her discography and a testament to her artistry and talent.


4. The Element of Freedom (2009)

“The Element of Freedom” is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, released in 2009. The album showcases Keys’ distinctive blend of soul, R&B, and pop, and delves into themes of personal growth, self-empowerment, and emotional liberation. With her signature soulful vocals and exceptional piano skills, Keys crafts a collection of introspective and heartfelt songs that resonate with listeners.

The album features a mix of up-tempo tracks and poignant ballads, including the chart-topping hit “Empire State of Mind” featuring Jay-Z, which became an anthem for New York City. Other standout tracks include the soulful ballad “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” and the introspective “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready).” The Element of Freedom received critical acclaim for its strong songwriting, heartfelt performances, and Keys’ ability to infuse raw emotion into her music.

With this album, Alicia Keys continues to establish herself as a powerful force in contemporary R&B, showcasing her artistic growth and musical versatility. “The Element of Freedom” is a captivating and emotionally charged album that further solidifies Alicia Keys’ status as a talented singer-songwriter and musician.


5. Girl on Fire (2012)

“Girl on Fire” is the fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, released in 2012. This highly anticipated album showcases Keys’ evolution as an artist, delivering a captivating blend of soul, R&B, and pop elements. With a title inspired by her newfound sense of empowerment and strength, the album presents a powerful narrative of self-discovery and personal growth.

The title track, “Girl on Fire,” serves as the album’s anthem, with its anthemic chorus and Keys’ commanding vocals. The album also features collaborations with renowned artists like Nicki Minaj, Maxwell, and Emeli Sandé, adding depth and variety to the overall sound.

Through heartfelt ballads like “Not Even the King” and energetic tracks such as “New Day,” Alicia Keys showcases her incredible vocal range and versatility. The album’s production is polished and well-crafted, with a modern sound that maintains a soulful edge.

“Girl on Fire” solidifies Alicia Keys’ status as a powerhouse vocalist and talented songwriter, further establishing her as one of the most influential and respected artists of her generation. It is an album that resonates with listeners, empowering them to embrace their inner strength and live fearlessly.


6. Here (2016)

“Here” is the sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, released in 2016. With a raw and soulful sound, the album showcases Keys’ growth as an artist and her exploration of personal and societal themes.

“Here” takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of urban life, addressing issues of love, empowerment, social justice, and self-discovery. Keys’ powerful vocals and intimate songwriting create a compelling and introspective atmosphere, inviting listeners to connect with the emotions conveyed in each track. The album features a fusion of genres, including R&B, soul, hip-hop, and jazz, resulting in a diverse and captivating musical experience.

Notable tracks from “Here” include the socially conscious anthem “Blended Family (What You Do for Love)” featuring A$AP Rocky, the empowering ballad “In Common,” and the soulful and introspective “Holy War.” Overall, “Here” stands as a testament to Alicia Keys’ artistry and her ability to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners while reflecting the world around her.


7. Alicia (2020)

Alicia Keys’s album “Alicia,” released in 2020, showcases the artist’s immense talent and creativity. With a blend of soulful R&B, pop, and introspective lyrics, the album presents a diverse range of musical styles and emotional depth. Alicia’s soul-stirring vocals captivate listeners from the very first track, taking them on a transformative journey through themes of love, empowerment, and self-discovery.

The album features a seamless fusion of contemporary production techniques and classic musical elements, creating a timeless sound that resonates with fans of all generations. From the infectious energy of tracks like “Time Machine” and “Underdog” to the vulnerable and heartfelt ballads such as “Show Me Love” and “Perfect Way to Die,” Alicia’s musical versatility shines throughout.

“Alicia” is a testament to the artist’s growth and evolution, showcasing her maturity as a songwriter and performer. With its poignant lyrics, soulful melodies, and Alicia Keys’s unmistakable talent, this album is a standout addition to her impressive discography.


8. Keys (2021)

“Keys” (2021) is the highly anticipated seventh studio album by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. Demonstrating her incredible musical versatility, this record showcases a rich tapestry of soulful R&B, introspective lyrics, and captivating melodies. Alicia’s signature velvety vocals, accompanied by her masterful piano skills, take center stage, weaving a spellbinding sonic journey. The album effortlessly balances introspection and empowerment, addressing personal growth, love, and social justice issues. From the soul-stirring ballads that tug at the heartstrings to the infectious and uplifting anthems that inspire change, Alicia Keys delivers a profound and heartfelt experience through her heartfelt songwriting. It was preceded by the release of two singles: “Lala” featuring Swae Lee and “Best of Me”.

The album includes two discs (original and unlocked), with two versions of 10 tracks, along with six other tracks. The first part features the more traditional and melodic original songs. The second half of the album features the unlocked versions of the same tracks, where Mike WiLL Made-It sampled the original tracks and gave them stronger beats and several effects and transformations. “Keys” not only highlights Alicia’s exceptional talent as a vocalist and musician but also showcases her growth as an artist, pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories. With its undeniable authenticity and emotional depth, “Keys” solidifies Alicia Keys’ status as one of the most influential and respected voices in contemporary music.


Santa Baby (2022)

Alicia Keys’ “Santa Baby” album (2022) is a delightful and soulful holiday collection that reimagines classic Christmas tunes with her signature style and breathtaking vocal prowess. This enchanting album takes listeners on a magical journey through familiar seasonal favorites, infused with Keys’ unique blend of R&B, jazz, and gospel influences.

With her impeccable musicianship and heartfelt delivery, Keys breathes new life into beloved songs like “Santa Baby,” “December Back 2 June,” and “Not Even the King.” The album also features some original compositions, including the heartwarming title track, “Santa Baby,” which showcases Keys’ songwriting brilliance and ability to capture the spirit of the holiday season.

From intimate piano ballads to lively, toe-tapping arrangements, Alicia Keys’ “Santa Baby” album offers a fresh and soul-stirring take on Christmas music that is sure to warm hearts and bring joy to listeners of all ages. It’s a must-have addition to any holiday music collection and a testament to Keys’ enduring talent and artistry.


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How many albums does Alicia Keys have?

American singer Alicia Keys has released NINE studio albums, TWO live albums, ONE remix album, FOUR reissue albums, ONE extended play, SEVEN box sets, FORTY-SIX singles as lead artist, and SIX promotional singles.


List of Tom Petty Albums in Order of Release Date

Here is the list of Alicia Keys’s Album in Order of Release Date:

Studio albums:

1. Songs in A Minor June 5, 2001

2. The Diary of Alicia Keys — December 2, 2003

3. As I Am November 13, 2007

4. The Element of Freedom December 15, 2009

5. Girl on Fire — November 26, 2012

6. Here — November 4, 2016

7. Alicia — September 18, 2020

8. Keys — December 10, 2021

9. Santa Baby — November 4, 2022


Live albums:

1. Unplugged  October 11, 2005

2. VH1 Storytellers — June 25, 2013

3. Verzuz: Alicia Keys x John Legend (Live) — June 19, 2020

4. Inesquecivel Sao Paulo Brazil (Live from Allianz Park Sao Paulo Brazil) May 9, 2023

5. Inolvidable Buenos Aires Argentina (Live from Movistar Buenos Aires, Argentina) May 13, 2023


Reissue albums:

1. Remixed & Unplugged in A Minor October 28, 2002

2. As I Am: The Super Edition November 10, 2008

3. Songs in A Minor – 10th Anniversary Edition June 28, 2011

4. Girl on Fire: Australian Tour Edition November 29, 2013

5. Songs in A Minor – 20th Anniversary Edition June 4, 2021

6. Keys II August 12, 2022


Box sets:

1. Coffret 2 CD: Unplugged / The Diary of Alicia Keys November 21, 200

2. Songs in A Minor / The Diary of Alicia Keys October 2, 2006

3. The Platinum Collection May 4, 2010

4. Unplugged / As I Am   September 09, 2010

5. The Collection December 13, 2011

6. As I Am / The Element of Freedom  July 2, 2013

7. The Element of Freedom / Girl on Fire  August 14, 2015


Remix albums:

Remixed  August 12, 2008



In conclusion, Alicia Keys has consistently delivered remarkable albums throughout her career. With her soulful voice, powerful lyrics, and exceptional musicality, she has captivated audiences worldwide. Her albums, filled with heartfelt ballads and empowering anthems, have left a lasting impact on the music industry. Alicia Keys’s ability to connect deeply with her listeners and evoke genuine emotions is a testament to her talent and artistry. She continues to be a musical force, and her albums will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

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